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  1. Ha, I remember the Palace game. It was Droy that got the winner and when he scored he stood and roared. It was another petering out promotion challenge.
  2. Last season he was shit or injured. suddenly over the summer he's become Luka Modric. looks and plays like him. Long may it continue.
  3. What does Derby mean to me? Simon Garner going nap and that atmosphere at Ewood for the play off semi in 92. 2nd leg wasn’t bad either but too tense to enjoy.
  4. 486 pages for 1 transfer. Must be some kind of record.
  5. McKenna is a good player by the way. Doubt he's for sale though and presumably would need a fee if he was.
  6. The frustrating thing for me is that the club claim to have a scouting network and yet everytime we go in for a player it turns out that Mowbray knows him from a previous club. What do these scouts do as they certainly don't produce any new players. Personally I'm all in favour of not spending big if we can't afford it but if you have the right scouting in place that doesn't stop you from getting good players in who can make a difference. plenty of others have done it in recent years. We seem, to be unable to make any moves in the market and this is presumably cos we're only identifying
  7. Soo we need 2 goalies and a centre half to even function next season. We should go for someone experienced and a younger back up and then a defender who can defend. Basic stuff but Big Tone will no doubt bring in a couple of strikers who can play wide before thinking about the defence.
  8. Mmm, He is though, he’s also a shit manager. There’s no way that anyone could manage in the PL @nd then not get offered another chance anywhere. It’s a small world football and rumours spread quickly.
  9. Total crook, no reputable club would touch him with a barge pole. Hence the obscure places he’s worked despite the amount of media people bigging him up.
  10. Wonder where Ryan Fraser will go. Stay in the Prem I suppose but a great signing for someone.
  11. The Fall - Before the Moon Falls (RIP Kay Carroll)
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