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  1. "Urban Hymns" was sell out pop music "Storm in heaven" - on the other hand- was a fantastic, possibly timeless piece of music
  2. good gigs that spring to mind Pharaoh Monche - Manchester Roadhouse, July 2006 Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters - Glastonbury June 1998 Tool - Manchester Apollo - June 2001 Wool, Tool, Rage Against the Machine - Liverpool Royal Court October 1993 Beastie Boys - Manchester Academy March 1995
  3. i hear its very very unlikely BFS will get the job. "Allardyce over my dead body" quote unquote.
  4. Beckham in "can't run" shock as lawro said, Bentley is "the future"
  5. hmm. I suppose places like betfair, where you're betting against other people as opposed to the house are more open to question. for example when it was reasonably common knowledge sparky was on his way here you could still get odds on betfair..
  6. lavender marriage tho wasn't it, I heard he has his phone switched to vibrate?
  7. not sure myself if the phrase was use correctly - but winner's post echoes the sentiments of myslef and a few others i have discussed the matter with of late
  8. if he had taken care of himself who knows. but since his return he has confounded me and been reasonably good. though imo he still needs to temper his game and play the percentages a little more
  9. losing the terraces plus rocketin ticket prices completely changed things. but i'm happy at the moment, itsa about as good as it gets for us. at least the days we don't groan when we get awarded a penalty!!
  10. here here! what a useless statistic. if rovers continue with considered marketing and continue to play exciting football people will come down. many seem caught up in the romanticism of the game rather than what it actually is or can be as a spectacle. In the Souness era we were paying a lot of money for dreadful entertainment. Now we're paying a lot of money, albeit relatively less, for what can be rip roaring, thrilling entertainment. imo.
  11. a few things went wrong inlcuding the apparent reluctance of Jack to strengthen post-premiership, but notably Peter White reported that Ray Harford threatened to leave for a management role unless he had a crack at the managers job, this was in the LET about April 95 (from memory). I would suggest this provided the impetus for the re-structuring, and not Kenny's desire to leave a proverbial sinking ship
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