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  1. Best of luck to the fella. Absolute cracking player for us. 3.5 years a Rover and improved every year. Got a great deal for him as he was going into last year of contract. I have respect for him and will keep an eye on his career. Time to build and start again.
  2. Could it be seen as a vote of confidence for the manager? All seems to be a shallow pledge, and something that could have been put in their accounts promising to fund us for another season.
  3. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/august/A-letter-to-the-fans-from-the-Owners/ I
  4. Think we should be pushing our support towards Rovers Ladies, at least they keep making signings!
  5. Mowbray had been going on about building his scouting network up and what a great job having a Head of European Scout was doing for us. Wonder who will be next out the door. Surprised we brought in an Head of Player Recruitment in the first place!
  6. https://trainingground.guru/articles/blackburns-head-of-european-scouting-leaving-after-18-months
  7. Armstrong to Saints? Obafemi to us? Doncaster to get McBride and Pears on loan? All from Alan Nixon
  8. Were Leeds United the first team we should have faced when lockdown occured first time?
  9. I notice it still shows Bennett as captain on our squad page, but no Chapman on there. Plus no first team staff showing in the first team squad!
  10. After the windfall from David Raya getting promoted. Can we afford to get rid of Mowbray and the remaining Coventrio?
  11. Maybe there is a clause in his contract whereby when he enters the last 12 months, a mutual termination can take place, at a certain cost?
  12. I notice since the season has ended, we have not heard from Mowbray, all details of new contracts etc are for the youngsters, and news is about these and today how the U23's etc have done. No comments direct from Mowbray. Could he actually be on his way, only contracts renewed are the ones that we could force to be extended. Fingers crossed, that he will be gone soon.
  13. To be fair, I am sure that Mowbray and Pasha are getting prepared for the new season. I don't think that Mowbray would know if he is getting sacked, always said they would discuss in the summer with Venkys. They will then make a decision after the meeting, am sure that is how it was done before. So let's see what happens.
  14. D Williams scored in 5-0 win over Wycombe at start of season.
  15. I wonder if that might have been under 2 managers, instead of just 1? I am sure someone can find out.
  16. If the EFL/Champioinship have not agreed any new legislation for this season with regards to the global pandemic, then the rules will not have changed, I believe this is unfair, but these clubs may have gone over with any new agreements with EFL/Championship in place. How are we to know any different. Not utter nonsense in terms of what appears to have happened. I believe they should take note and abolish the FFP entirely. But at the moment they have not.
  17. Sorry Stuart, thought it might be relevant in both topics. I am just posting an article. Apologies bud. It may make no sense to you, but if the rules are there, and are broken, this is the punishment.
  18. Transfer embargo? Is this why Mowbray is safe?
  19. Nixon reckons we might go for a foreign manager in the summer. https://the72.co.uk/225579/report-reveals-blackburn-rovers-managerial-intentions-should-they-part-with-tony-mowbray/
  20. Unless, they have lined up a replacement, the players had yesterday off, and they only returned to training today. So it is possible, Mowbray came in a day after Coyle was potted. Not saying it will happen, but you just never know.
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