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  1. Don, c'mon mate. It was great series win. Your dismissive attitude of an underrated team is confusing.
  2. neekoy

    RIP Tashor

    His posts were great, valued contributor for sure. That is no age, my condolences to the family.
  3. Johnson is just on another level at the moment, shame he is 32 and not 22
  4. I walked out of the Gabba after Johnson got out, it was only on the bus trip home whilst watching the cricket app that I realised my mistake..... Great series win by Australia, really have the mental edge over England at the moment, Cook must be on suicide watch.
  5. Hughes, Flintoff, Trueman, Warne and Healy sledges are funny but I don't really take for purile crap either. I love reading about the story of WC Grace and how he refused to leave the field if he was given out and just kept playing. "Charles Kortright had four or five appeals against Grace turned down by the umpires.. Finally, he knocked two of Grace’s three stumps out of the ground. Grace stalled, as though waiting for a reprieve from the umpires, before reluctantly walking off with Kortright’s words in his ears: “Surely you’re not going, doctor? There’s still one stump standing.” Haha, that is classic.
  6. Urgh.....ffs still going with the rubbish... We can go back to the days of Trueman for sledging and antics, in these golden days you think existed I am sure the parentage of a batsman was discussed between keeper and slips. Broad didn't walk although he clearly hit it in the last series, Atherton, Broad and Anderson ball tampering, Trescothick's admission about the Murray Mints...you guys really want to go there? England are full of dubious individuals but please keep clapping the gentleman players and taking the high ground while we convicts keep racking up the wickets.
  7. YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH 5-0, so happy at the moment, team has come together very well and England haven't been given a chance by excellent bowling plans. South Africa, Bailey out, Hughes to come in at 3 and Watson to go to 7 with Haddin going up to 6 I think. Well done to Stokes, should be in the England setup for a number of years to come. Stokes and Broad best from England.
  8. Cook is a wonderful opener but I would have Sehwag, Smith, Hayden and Haynes anyday of the week. Botham was extremely exciting to watch and on his day one of the best but Kallis record is second to none as an allrounder.
  9. Not much has been said about Kallis retiring, with Sobers as the greatest allroundersd to ever play the game. I am thankful he will not be there when Australia goes on tour. It seems such a common place that when bowlers work on and concentrate on reverse swing it appears to mess with their proper bowling action i.e Anderson. After Australia lost the Ashes in England it was noticable Australia went to try and bowl reverse swing as part of their game and I think they suffered. It seems reverse swing is a "gift" to a bowler that they can achieve through their natural bowling action i.e Akram, Flintoff and Younis and not something that everyone can pick up. I think this is the reason for Anderson's decline, going from the world best outswing bowler to stump to stump cherries
  10. Putting people on the boundary when you need to take 8 wickets with 30 runs to get is not smart captaincy I agree but before this series he had lost only a single test as Captain and it was always going to be hard following Strauss, maybe Bell after this series?
  11. Bryan, the last whatever pages in this thread. We have been very ordinary for the last three years and have lost tests against NZ, got annihilated by India and lost back to back Ashes. Questions are still there to be answered but they are getting better and we are still short two or three world quality players but prior to this series England were almost unbackable favourites to retain the ashes and even talk of 5-0 whitewash by Botham. The reactions in this thread and in the media by England are crazy, Cook, Bell, KP, Anderson and Broad are World Class and would walk into this current Australian team. They need support not some of the talk of wholesale changes
  12. This is brilliant, it has been so long since I have heard the excuses and whinging from the poms, 3 years of dominance and yet you turn on your team with such venom and vigour it is beautiful to watch. Hang them high, spineless, expected batting collapses......a couple of months ago they won 3-0, the same team and they are still in with a chance to finish this series 3-2. Cook has gone from being one of the greatest English batsmen of all time to being dropped after three tests, KP has just overtaken Boycott and is batting like he always had but without any luck and you want him dropped, Flower has been the best coach you have had in over 30 years get rid as well and and the rest of the team who are trying their best against a fantastic bowling unit you want to see deported. Johnson was taken apart in England a number of years ago, by the crowds, media and England team on the field.....swings and roundabouts as Dave has said. I hope we stuff you 5-0, this kind of level of support for your former #1 cricket team is more disgusting then the on field behaviour.
  13. The mistakes are that they took the Aussie attack for granted and the Australian middle order stood up to be counted for once, the rest is that mentally we were up for it and the England team thought they were going to stroll home on the back of Bell and Trott again..... Still two tests to go, hopefully we rest some players and give some young blood who are likely for 2015 a go.
  14. Nice one DROG Other then the retirement line of great players from the Australian team over the last 5 years, the change is obviously mental in the current Australian squad. Lehmann has got them back to playing simple go out and score runs and take wickets cricket instead of this high performance special diet regime sports psychologist babble. Getting Mike Young back as the full-time fielding coach has been an obvious but masterstroke from Lehmann. It has gotten to the point with international cricket teams that the team photo has just as many people in suits as it does in whites. No one is scoring more hundreds or taking more 5 or 10'fers then they did 20 years ago.
  15. Can't stand the man but he is right, barring a few additions this is the same side that is ranked #5 in the world, lost 3-0 in England and got royally thumped in India
  16. I also fear for what is to come after this series, no doubt a plague of locusts, rivers to run red with the blood of children and a pox on all our families..... Bloody hell, you guys have nothing to come back with because your team is being dominated and you resort to piffle about the state of the game, gutter antics, sledging going over the line.....absolute tosh. Such poor losers and good too see the arrogance of uncultured convict talk and whinging return from the English, three years of success had dampened your pessimism, so glad to see it back.
  17. It is one sided, two tests down and Australia are 2-0 up, what positive has England provided during this series that is worth writing about? Our decent papers are writing about the stoic Joe Root quite rightly.....
  18. This is wonderful to watch at the moment, superb cricket by Australia and fight back after losing 3-0 against recently the #1 Test playing nation in the world. Has anyone heard from Beefy or David Gower? Tall cool glasses of class and dignity
  19. Why the knee jerk reactions for changes, in the last 3 years this team has got it done for you, #1 test team, I say stick with them and see where they end up. Probably lose the series from here but there are World Class players in this England team that on paper are so much superior to their opposites in the baggy green. Mind you, not bad for a crap bowling attack hey Jim.
  20. Rain delay, couldn't give a @#/? if it rains solid for the next two months
  21. Adelaide will be a road, whoever wins the toss will bat first and probably make a ton of runs.
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