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  1. Try Chaophrya mate....just up from the markets near vidal sasoon...
  2. And the contradiction is for all to see....me and you Al, best buddies...
  3. Like being electrocuted and having a bolt put through its head...?
  4. Mrs Bowyer had her jabs yet for the winter break in Pune. ..??
  5. But you enjoyed giving the board members shyte news. ..and now its flying you need to backtrack to save your credibility with the club. .poor
  6. Ahhhh Mr Mullan is backtracking now.....typical.
  7. Anyone tried Wagamama? Went to the one at Cheshire oaks today, total carp...no authenticity whatsoever....bland bland, had to smother my soba in soy sauce to get any flavour out of it....not a patch on tampopo or chaophrya for the old far eastern cuisine.
  8. That's what Rentokil said when they left Bukhara
  9. B&W won't have a bad word said against it, despite the recent bad hygiene report from the environmental health.
  10. Always enjoyed the clog every time I go. ... Always enjoyed the clog every time I go. ...
  11. Yeah...just further up the post about nice places to eat. .. I'm just going off what the environmental health said. ..don't shoot the messenger Don't ever threaten me.
  12. Bem Brasil - not your normal EAMAYL...top class Chaophrya Cafe Istanbul All three are top notch and reasonably priced. It's a dirty shithole with lack of hygiene
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