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  1. YOUR MUMS YOUR DAD YOUR DADS YOUR MUM YOUR INTERBRED YOUR BURNLEY SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU ROVERS WE DO O ROVERS WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faberagas maybe 18 but he isn't afraid to stick the boot in and the challenge he made against a Sheff Utd player at Highbury was one that Vinny Jones would of been proud of
  2. I didn't go to that game but I went to the West Ham game (I was only 13 I think) and the amount of Shearing buses' was unbeleivable. Now there is only a few buses for away travel
  3. The FA take the biggest allocation then sponsors so 17,000 is probably about right!!
  4. fair point. Im certainly staying after the game, who wants to celebrate on the M4? anyone else staying Saturday night? The Police position does seem a bit weird, I mean the Sunday game doesnt kick off until 4pm, plenty of time for the United fans to get there from Surrey (although I guess Newcastle fans will be staying over) I beleive the Man U vs Newcastle kicks of at 2pm
  5. Extra time then penalities Re the roof it is normally decided a few days before and I don't think weather is an issue, they probably just toss a coin Last year when I went for the League one playoff finals the roof was open so I hope it's closed this time
  6. Where are most people going to be drinking? I'm probably going to be drinking on St Marys Street by House of Frazer
  7. It will take at least 3 hours but I would probably allow for around 4 because of the lack of trains
  8. Paddy seems to agree with us http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/fa_cup/4423241.stm
  9. I don't mind not selling out but in a massive stadium it's just going to look at bit embarrassing! I'm sure the FA are happy that the Arse have sold theirs out and I would imagine that they get a bit of our allocation to try and fill out the stadium a bit more!!
  10. Only if the tickets where priced slightly different, say £45 ones at £35 have the £35 at £27 and have the £25 ones at £20, I am sure we would of sold a lot more and the FA would of made more money for their greedy selves. It is unfortunate that the majority of tickets are priced at £45 and there are only a few areas for £25 and £35
  11. If that was the case maybe Lee could also tell us if those who have been forced to pay for the £45 tickets would be able to exchange these tickets for the cheaper ones . Just think - if Will were to change his 17 tickets for £25 ones he could save a grand total of £340 !! Greed is killing this game . Is it any wonder people watch the game in the boozer ? Well that's the dilema the club face now, open up the west stand and all those people that wanted £25 and £35 tickets but were forced to by £45 because none were avialble will go nuts!! But really the club is not at fault though, can only blame the FA for another cockup! I would assume that most people that don't go on these boards and phone up or queue up for their tickets would think that because there are only £45 and £55 tickets avialble that we are nearly sold out!!
  12. Jesus wept! And £220 for the minibus & £460 for the hotel. I am chief tour organiser you see. £100 each for the trip to Bristol, one night stay, transport and match ticket. Not bad I say, just as long as I get all my money back. You coming on the wilky wagon? There's four of us, 4 free £45 tickets, 4* Self Catering apartment on the harbour in Bristol £40 each and £10 each on the Wilky Wagon - Not bad at all
  13. Why is that? Are they afraid of embarrassing the FA?
  14. Lee must be able to give us an accurate figure on ticket sales and how far we are of opening up the west stand for the cheaper ticket sales!
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