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  1. He bought a villa in Spain was it on the proceeds of his Newcastle pay-off. If that's losing in life, can someone teach he how to be a loser as well? I was never that keen on Sam. I seen too remember him confessing that he basically chucked a game at old Trafford that I think we lost right nil or so. But then again, I can't complain, but I often do. I was never happy that he was binned, especially so early after Venky's took over, alarm bells were ringing. You only bin your manager if he's taking you down, or you already have someone proven to be better already lined up. Ever since, we've had piss takers in charge of the club, and we're dying on our arse. I seen too remember John Williams binning it and saying it's clear things are going to be done differently at the club now and it's time for me to go. How we've missed him. I don't know how I've coped with eleven years of this nonsense, I wouldn't wish if on my worst enemy. It's the lack of respect the owners show for the club that really hurts.
  2. Almost eleven now. Eleven difficult years, watching a train crash unfold. I often wonder if we'll still be lumbered with the maniacs in another ten years time
  3. Was agreeing with RevidgeBlue's post until the end there. I would say that Venky's hiring a decent manager are two things that just will never be reconciled. It's a forlorn hope. An ex player once told me that the only thing Venky's will get right would be putting the club up for sale. I totally believed him. My worry is that they'll never sell us and we're just dying a very slow and painful death. I can see them disposing of us by crashing the club. Because at some point they'll get fed up of throwing endless amounts of money away
  4. Where does this strategy get you in the end? Right up the khyber. We've had over ten years of these people already, where are we going to be in another ten years time?
  5. One of the books I read in Lockdown was in the realm of the hungry ghosts, a book about addiction. It's very difficult to beat, so well done on owning it and staying in recovery. I used to drink too much myself. I managed to stay off of the stuff for a whole year, that changed everything for me. It started a bit of a journey for me, I feel so much better now, but it all started with coming off of the sauce. The urge to drink has completely left me. I hope you can get to the same place. Best of luck 🤞 👍
  6. Igor Thermostat Alternatively Egil Lostandsad
  7. An I misunderstood, I right you were saying that our demise stems from Venky's not supporting the manager. Yeah, they'd just had enough, and they just wanted rid abf they didn't care what happened afterwards. They should be don't is shame right about now. PS, how long ago was red Adair now 🤣
  8. They are the chicken chokers who killed the golden goose. I'll never accept them, ever. I just want to know when they're going to clear off and allow those who actually care about the club to pick up the pieces
  9. The govt wanted drivers to work longer than sixteen hours in a day. Mind boggling.
  11. I think you're right, they could keep us going like this indefinitely, I think they have the resources to do so. I would caution against giving yourself false hope though. Venky's seeing the light would be like Keith Richards becoming a jehovahs witness. It's possible, but they'd need to fall head-first out of a palm tree more than just the once for that to happen. It's all about whether they want to cut their losses and crash the holding company, I think. But really, trying to figure out what their plan is is like trying to figure out why people watch reality TV.
  12. This tale shall the rovers fan tell his son It certainly yearned me that Bradley Orr wore the rovers garments
  13. "something has to change quickly". Seems like people have been saying that for years. "tipping point". That's the exact phrase. The point at which it can no longer be sustained. The point at which our debt undergoes cosmosis, the body of Barry Venky is transmorgified into Vigo the Carpathian, the vortex portal to the netherworld is unlocked and creaks open, releasing scarab beetles high on pcp and the ghosts of patients past will haunt Brockhall for forty days and nights. Stadium still won't get cleaned though. Tony will start droning on about wanting to get "back on the grass" once the last of the undead has been captured.
  14. Well yeah, if they don't get promotion at some future point, presumably we'll go bust. Unless they scale us down and let us stop through the leagues, but then they'd have done that already, surely? This isn't going to end well, is it? Really putting my neck on the block there 🤣
  15. Where is all this going? I guess that's what everyone is asking and no one can say for sure. "Blackburn total losses over the years now exceed £282,000,000. This has been funded by loans and shares bought by the Venkys." Good job I wasn't operating a lathe when I read that. That's astonishing and offhand I can't think of any business that's been propped up to that extent. The UK government keeping British Leyland a float in the seventies didn't throw that much money away. Help me understand, why aren't they trying to sell us? How close to administration or liquidation are we? Would we survive administration? I know Einstein said that human stupidity is without limits, but this is taking the biscuit. It's either stupidity or criminal negligence or it's something much darker. Anyone?
  16. Is love to get one of those ici perspex shirts, you'd think you'd be able to get a retro one from somewhere. Certainly not going to give the club a single penny
  17. Yes thank God they saved us from the fiscal security of the premier ship's top six. Good work there, Venky's. For a while I was truly worried that we'd never see third tier football at rovers again in my lifetime. But would you know it , you managed it. Took a wee bit longer than Jack Walker did to take us from second tier lower table to top flight champions, but God bless you. Twats.
  18. An right, I was thinking there was a big direct debit that was going to break the bank 🤣
  19. Yep, that's completely gone now. Gonna have to find something else to do
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