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  1. Crazy comment when you think about some of the managers we've had in the last 10 years.
  2. Sorry, which chap's Nan is signing for us?
  3. Take the toilet off the front and it's a nice top.
  4. I could watch Dack making a mockery of that Everton defence all night. ?
  5. Has anyone come across this online?. http://eastlancstimes.co.uk/ It seems to be a poor Burnley version of the satirical online newspaper 'The Rochdale Herald'. What is most amusing are the Facebook comments at the bottom of each article and how unbelievably thick the residents of Burnley are. For example an article stating that potholes won't be repaired in Burnley due to them being of historical importance. The article is written by a Mike Hunt should be a dead giveaway but lack of intelligence prevails when it comes to our six fingered cousins. Some comments: ''Can I just add to my comment I was born in Burnley in 1944 not all but most roads were cobbles so who gave permission for them to be covered with tarmac if we were covering "Historic Interest" it's a stupid excuse'' ''I ride a motorcycle to commute I don’t get a popped tyre or a dinted wheel I get dead when I get thrown off and get hit with a oncoming vehicle'' Another article stating that there is to be an international airport built in Burnley. Some actually clocked on to this, I doubt they were locals though. ''There's more chance of it never getting cold and snowing in Burnley ever again,what a load of BULLSHIT'' ''Be superb for the town if it materialises'' Naivety or stupidity?, I definitely think the latter with regards to those lot.
  6. I don't mind the shirt but the sponsor is the worst I've seen on a Rovers shirt for a good while.
  7. Christ almighty, do you think they have enough sponsors on there? It's like a pro cycling jersey.
  8. I'd like to see a better attempt at the red and black halves away shirt we had in the 2000's. It could have been a really nice looking shirt bar the diamond patterns and the ugly bet 24 logo plastered on the front.
  9. Wouldn't dream of missing this whether we are going to get spanked or not. How long before the fixtures do they decide on the dates?
  10. As much as it sickens me to the stomach, those words about Kean were sung. I think it was when we fluked it against Liverpool shortly after his appointment.
  11. Surely the Americans aren't stupid enough to elect that nutjob Trump as their President? I hope we distance ourselves from the US if he ever comes into power, an idiot like that could easily start WW3.
  12. I can see Adam Yates moving over to Sky and becoming their tour GC guy once Froome has had his day, he's shown this year that he can win it in the future and is set to be GC rider at every tour he rides at. As for Froome another fantastic tour, he just keeps improving every year. He should be Sports Personality of the year after that run up Ventoux but I bet some dour Scottish bloke will probably win.
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