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  1. I'm hoping that both teams field multiple ineligible players resulting in several points deductions. Seriously, I think a draw. 4 points dropped by 2 relegation rivals rather than 3 points dropped.
  2. Reading between the lines, but it sounds like party time at Matty's. His missus has bust the oven/toaster/boiler, so she's asked if they can have take away and shots ever night!
  3. Just wait until they switch the chip on! (Only joking btw!)
  4. I seem to recall reading over the weekend that from this week we'd have a bumper supply of the vaccine and we might get up to a million vaccinations done per day. I can't remember where I read it though. If my memory isn't playing tricks how has it gone from one extreme to the other? Bizarre.
  5. I did the 'which of these Rovers players were right or left footed' that was in this article and they got Gamst wrong, I think. They have him down as left footed, but I'm pretty sure he was right footed and trained himself to use his left.
  6. Didn't we have an award winning pitch a few years ago? We also had a groundsman who was very highly regarded, but Venky's let him leave (or made him leave?). It was a bizarre decision, presumably made just to cut costs. I remember thinking at the time that we had 99 problems, but the pitch ain't one.
  7. They'll be fine. He's confirmed that he's going to treat the club like a family member. What could go wrong?
  8. I'd have Allardyce back in the England job like a shot. I think we'd have won the World Cup with Allardyce in charge.
  9. Sold his soul to the Devil for a penny. Shocking! (Joking of course!)
  10. Macclesfield have struggled financially for years, but we're paying Sol Campbell at least £15,000 a month apparently. Ridiculous of Macc to agree that sort of money to any manager let alone a novice. Surely Campbell must have realised that they couldn't pay it given the dire state of their finances? Campbell was then one of the people backing the winding up petition, which also doesn't cover him in glory. I seem to recall Campbell complaining about lack of managerial opportunities. No wonder if that's the wage he wanted. It's not all about Campbell, of course, given the club has been in troubl
  11. I'm not sure I follow your logic. Do you want us to field as strong a team as possible, or do you want us to field our regular first 11?
  12. ISTR that there was a season where a different team beat Real to a European spot and the league (or government?), just took the European slot of the other team and gave it to Real anyway? Hellas Verona surprisingly won the Italian league in 1985. It was the only season where referees were appointed randomly rather than by a 'special commission of referees'. There had been a betting scandal and the league wanted to clean up their image. 1985 was unusual as none of the big three clubs won the league. The random system mustn't have worked though, as that was the only year it was used...
  13. My daughter was perplexed by Cummings trip to Barnard Castle to check his eyesight. Then you could see enlightenment in her expression as she asked if there was an opticians open there. When I said there wasn't the perplexed expression returned.
  14. I'm surprised that Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings didn't just go full Cameron and just ignore it until everyone starting talking about something else.
  15. Knuzden (v) The signal given by any aging player to the bench that his knees will no longer adequately convey him around the pitch and that a substitution should be made. Sometimes accompanied by a nonchalant stroll to the far touchline.
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