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  1. We call him Jean Claude Van Tam in our house. It doesn't take much to amuse us!
  2. Regarding the recent spike in case I thought it had been attributed (at least in part) to Euro 2020 gatherings.
  3. Why would anyone want to impose restrictions? The Tories are in power and they hate them.
  4. That's the Trouble with Trybull. More likely to get Scarlett Johansson.
  5. Read what again? 150,000 is also a huge number. I'm not sure what you want me to 'feel' about it? I haven't ignored anything. I wasn't posting in response to you or anyone else. I made a standalone comment that you seem to have taken as a response to something you have written, which it wasn't.
  6. Most of the country are now double jabbed with what we are told is an effective vaccine. Maybe I'm missing something but how can we then be looking at potentially 200,000 new cases a day? 1.4 million new cases a week, in a populace that is largely vaccinated. I know that the vaccine isn't perfect and people will still catch covid, but those kind of figures strike me as huge.
  7. When Nuno left Wolves I presumed that a deal with Spurs had already been done. Not sure how he'd do there. Spurs are their own kind poisoned chalice.
  8. I think we should keep it simple. Play Grealish in the hole to draw fouls and Trippier to bang the ensuing freekicks in.
  9. I'm not digging Sterling out. I just think he's getting more praise than he deserved. I also find Kane frustrating. I think he's being given a bit of a roaming role to try to draw defenders out of their comfort zone, but I'm not sure it's the best use of his abilities. I like to see someone operating as a target man, making runs into space and to create space, and an option as an outlet ball, all is which I think Kane is good at. Also Kane is the best finisher in the team and I want him on the end of chances.
  10. I find Sterling very frustrating. I don't think he played well TBH. He gets in good positions and then wastes them. He also seems sloppy in possession. Good run for the goal, but a little bit lucky with the finish. I found it weird that the pundits then said he played well, because I don't think he did. Maybe I'm missing something.
  11. Really surprised about Nuno leaving Wolves. I presumed that he had another job lined up. On what basis did he leave? He wasn't sacked I don't think. Did he want to leave? If I were Wolves I'd have done my damnedest to keep him. He's turned a perennial championship side into an established Premier League side. Form had slipped a bit this season, but they sold good players that clearly weakened the side. I can see Wolves reverting to type and a relegation in a season or 2.
  12. Statistics work better in baseball and American football because it is a series of set pieces (pitches in baseball, downs in American football). It is very linear. Football is very fluid and the data collection (particular data that is actually relevant) is much harder and the interpretation of that even harder still. The stats are interesting, but strike me as being too basic atm. The level of detailed data required to properly model things would be huge and would then need someone with a very specialist understanding to interpret and make them useful. I love a good football stat but most of them don't mean very much in real practical terms, I think.
  13. It would be interesting to see the fallout if Lingard scores a hat trick tonight!
  14. After Carl Newhouse (Carlos Villaneuva) presumably, so Chilean Messi part 2?
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