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  1. He means Donington I think. Download is what spotty kids call it. Anyway it's a load of sh*** these days, crap bands, crap fans, and the odd fat old man.
  2. Black Sabbath were fantastic, and like Willie said Ozzy's performance was great. A real entertainer who knows how to get a crowd going, not that they needed any encouragement. Brilliant gig. God may be dead, but Jesus can play a mean drum solo.
  3. According to the EA river level website The Darwen as beaten its previous record high level at Ewood this evening.
  4. RIP Fred. I used to have the occasional natter with him in the Feildens Arms in Mellor Brook, which he owned. He'd pop in for a quick half and a brandy regularly. A very down to earth pleasant bloke. Sometimes (if there weren't too many people in) he'd buy a round for everyone. He loved to tell tales about his time in the merchant navy, but he hardly ever mentioned the Rovers.
  5. I totally agree, it was brilliant. I loved every minute of it. Have a cup of tea...
  6. Me too. Gong including Steve Hillage, and Nik Turner supporting, it'll be quite a strange night!
  7. MOTORHEAD! Brilliant, I'll be there, saw them there in the 80s a couple of times but haven't seen them since. There was some Motorhead graffiti on the front wall of the KGH for years after the last time they played.
  8. 12 years in Malta doesn't seem like a bad sentence (unlike the one above!). Some people pay good money to go there on holiday for just a couple of weeks.
  9. If you like a bit of Led Zeppelin then you'd do far worse than going to see 'Whole Lotta Led'. I saw them last night at King George's, they were bloody great - they had the sound nailed on, were powerful and energetic, and very loud like it should be. And as for the drummer's Moby Dick - it was massive! There will always be someone who will look down their nose at a tribute band, but if you want to see the real LZ then go on, be my guest. This lot were pretty authentic. No wigs, either!
  10. Thanks for the Bumley 2000 link, I'd forgotten just what a bunch of dirty cloggers they were that day. Didn't work though, did it? What a great day that was!
  11. I've just bought a ticket for the Roger Waters show in Manchester, in May. I can't believe I've payed £50 for the pleasure, but from what I've read it's an astonishing show. If you're a Floydie it's going to be one not to miss - Dark Side Of The Moon in full, plus his own stuff. I was totally dumbfounded by Pink Floyd at Maine Road in '88, I just need this to complete the set! I'm also looking forward to yet another encounter the genius that is Roy Harper, in Darwen, of all places, the night after.
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