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  1. Belgian Beer Cafe is always good. Ofcourse plenty of good places within the rocks. A few good pubs in woolomooloo. Tillbury, wooly bay hotel etc... Elephant And Wheelbarrow in Paddo is also good.
  2. We will deffiently organise something. With a bit of luck there will be a rovers game telecast. Ive got a few idea's of where we can go. Got plenty of time to organise. Anyone with suggestions for a sydney meet up?
  3. For anyone that is interested. It looks like a few of us are going to watch the game tommorrow night at Star City Casino in the sports section with the big tele. I'll be the tall guy ( 6'"6 ) wearing the rovers jersey serving out plenty of shight to the liverpool supporters. So if you see me say g'day
  4. Would have liked to have organised it earlier. But foxsports couldn't tell me if it was going to be telecast. Looks like i'll be watching the game with a bunch of lunatic scousers by myself. ( myself been the onlyrover ) Gawd help me !! Surley there is a rover in sydney who will wear the blue and white halves with me
  5. Sounds good Blueboy. Fingers crossed the rovers game will be telecast during the time your up in sydney. If memory serves me correctly our game was telecast last year on new years day.
  6. Ahh thats a shame Dave. If anything changes let me know. Anyone else interested? Should be a good night
  7. Excellent preview Jim Im going for a 1-2 win for us. Reid and Bert ( if he plays ) for us. Got a great feeling about this game. Cant wait! Deffiently is great timing for Reid to come back. We will need him and the midfield to really step up.
  8. Anyone interested in meeting up and watching this weekends Liverpool and Rover game in the city somewhere? Game is telecast on fox at midnight saturday night. There are a few decent places to watch it. Already a bunch of scousers coming, would like to see some other rover supporters wearing the blue and white other than myself
  9. Ive always thought he was a muppet. The guy seems to have sudden brain explosions. Which makes it beyond me how he is "captain"
  10. TODD IS A MORON The guy has an IQ of a cashew. He is deffiently a liability at the back. Thank god we have signed the dutch defender. Hopefully Nelson will be back asap. Thought Robberts was excellent. Emerton as well deserves a mention. Thought he made a few very very good tackles. McCarthy is quality. Really looking forward to him progress with us in the Premiership. Bring on Chelsea
  11. Complete Moron. Enough Said. You wouldn't happen to be a referee would you herbergeehh?
  12. I thought we played very well. Tugay held the midfield quite well, and savage ran around like a chook without a head once again. Defensively we were excellent. Was actually really impressed with Gray. Alot better than that clown Matteo. btw . Maybe someone can answer this for me.... Why the hell doesn't Emerton take on defenders. He is so bloody frustrating to watch.. Could see on a few occasions tonight bellamy getting the ###### with emerton.
  13. Do you guys think Neill's performance today also had alot to do with the fact that he has not been mentioned this week in the starting line up for the Australian National Team. Our new manager Guus Hiddink (of PSV ) has left him out, and put emerton at right back. This all depends on a healthy Harry Kewel... But still would be enough to fire up Lucas.
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