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  1. Looking forwarde to both games they are as equally as important. Another good cup run and a trip to Cardiff could be our way into Europe again, however a decent league win will do us the world if good. Not going to make any predictions until the beer has the better of me, then its off to the bookies. Setting off soon to Boro... Come on Rovers...........
  2. Fulham 1 Rovers 2 Boa Morte Dickov, Kuqi See you all down there.............. Come on Rovers......................
  3. Just looked at train timings to get there early: 10:00 from Blackburn via Noblot arriving at Wigan Wallgate at 10:54 or 10:15 from Blackburn via Preston arriving at Wigan North Western at 10:57 Via Preston for me.......
  4. I'm going but my Auntie is'nt so i'll get your ticket tomorrow if you want PM/text me mate
  5. Brad's chest charge to Sav's was a warning. Don't mess with Big Bad Brad...... But it was nice to see peace and harmony on t pitch
  6. Just got home, what a game..... Reid, what is he doin at right back? Never rated him.. We let in 2 easy goals... Mike Riley should have sent off a couple of WHU players, he would have if it were on the other foot.... Nice to see Savs and Brad getting on so well. What was that all about? A well deserved 3 points
  7. I suppose some say this this fixture has a draw written all over it............. However i'm gonig to stick my head out and go for 2-0 Rovers Bellers Kuqi
  8. Had a great day, still nursing my hangover.... A point is better than nowt... Pearce should have been red carded for his pitch invasions...
  9. Ereet, will see you and Ben at the station.... Then onto a local ale house or 3..... Hopefully we'll have another victorious win in Manchester Rovers 2-1 Bellamy/Kuqi
  10. I've got a Golden Ticket!!!! Anyone going on the 10 o'clock train from Blackburn?
  11. Hoe come we could'nt sell out against Man Ure but we can against City? Got my ticket though....... Anyone getting the 10 o'clock train from Blackburn?
  12. Poor 1st half, it had nil nil written all over it, but....... 2nd half we dominated, great pressure...... 2 good goals...... Up and on Rovers
  13. That female Police Sergeant was that threw you and Ben out must have been on a right power trip. Time of the month!!! Anyway I remembered her Police Number and have written a letter of complaint, dony expect much of a reply though. Great day
  14. Totally agree John Zurab will need more time to ajust to the team only 2 training sessions is'nt enough. Matteo should fill Todd's position. Tesco has been playing quite well and should been given a chance at left back. Anyone going on the train? Off around Bolton first then up to Horwich
  15. Good news about the Beehive. Going into Bolton town centre first then upto Horwich.
  16. We Know he's crap. He's not a motivator. We need someone with belief and passion for England. Thats only going to come from an Englishman.
  17. Embaressed!!! We lacked belief. Northern Ireland wanted to beat us and well done to them. We need an English Manager !!
  18. This is the first time i've read a thread all the way through....... Priceless....... I go to every game both home and away and i always wear my colours. I too go to the 'boozers' and drink quite alot. I also have a laugh and sing like most people and enjoy the banter. I know Wez and probably know the Invisible Man. I was walking past the buses on Saturday and saw abit of what happened. I know where to draw the line..............
  19. Hopefully when Bellamy is back we'll play 4-4-2 and Kuqi will strike up a decent partnership. Had a good day out though.
  20. What are the options if/when Lucus Neil is banned? Mickey Grey Tesco Jay McEveley Tricky one this, Villa are no push over but I'm going for 1-1
  21. just got back from London.... Sore Back Sore Head Crap Game
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