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  1. Mrs Merton with Bernard Manning was funny too
  2. Someone on from Australia is selling some top notch Rovers pics of the 60s..Search for em on ebay under B;lackburn collectibles,they are the best pics Ive seen...
  3. RIP Diego... One of the fantasy names thrown about as possible Rovers manager when Venkys first tookover I seem to remember.
  4. Miss BBC and ITV coverage of our teams in Europe..not even highlights shown nowadays...
  5. Get rid of the £3 pay on the day adds on to ticket prices...!!!!!!!!..
  6. The three nil drubbing at Wigan under Paul Ince was my worse ever Rovers match.more than any Kean one...especially having pedalled there on my bike.....Check this out but when we went down, we were still feeding the Yak and were top half highest scorers in the league.maybe even as high as 8th .Shame we let two and three times as many in ...Letting Neilson go.... think it was QPR... ..... the end ..
  7. Dont like the match day add on £ 3 if you buy your ticket on the day..get rid of this ....Reckon its a crowd reducer..
  8. Maybe like Lone Survivor too ...DVD arrived today from Amazon..Filmed in Banktop and its side streets..
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2336722/Blackburn-street-transformed-Belfast-1970s-create-hellish-scenes-sectarian-violence-height-The-Troubles-new-film.html Must say looks like a normal friday night out to me..
  10. A film filmed in Blackburn..71 about a soldier in left behind when on attending an incident in N Ireland..Anyone seen it..
  11. H#hope most of the reviews are true ...definitely .one to try....
  12. Thanks ..The Observatory pub,Whinney Lane ..yep that one near our Hospital( & the owd KFC) is getting hundreds of bonkers 5 star reviews on trip advisor..Anyone been and agree iits that good..?
  13. Glad to see this thread back...Out with the Ramblers at Hoghton Bottoms a ccuple of weeks ago...Parked near a Restaurant called the Royal Oak at Riley Green.Anyone know it.?.Hoghton Arms nearby is prob more famous but is it better.?.
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