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  1. I think beers are about $6...... No fixtures around then ay....... Oh well, doesn;t mean we can't all meet up for a few beers
  2. I work right next door to the Belgium beer cafe..... I don't care we go, as long as they're showing the mighty rovers it will be guaranteed to be a good night.
  3. Got things on this Saturday, so won't be able to make an appearance. Still haven't been to a meetup yet, looking forward to the next one. Next time have it organised a few weeks in advance and will definetly be coming.
  4. I'm looking forward to his first few competition games, and if he doesn't perform the slagging that will go on in here. IMO He's a great signing and will score approx 20 goals across all competitions. C'mon Franny!
  5. Kewell is in doubt for the Italian game. He hasn't trained since the Croatian game. Could be a big blow for us.
  6. Everyone has put Bentley to the bench.........WHY He was the only player that looked like creating anything against Liverpool..... Anyway, Rovers 4-0
  7. There should be only 4players to be chose from. Nelson, Bellamy, Neill & Reid. I have them in this prefernace: Neill Bellamy Nelson Ried. So my vote goes to Neill. Lucas the great who will lead Audralia to the semis of the World Cup.
  8. Not a bad result considering how we played. The ref made a good decision with MGP's disallowed goal. Dickov was just jumping to intervene with Filan, wasn't even attempting to head the ball. It was a clear free kick. I cannot believe how bad Kuqi is. I don't know how he finished off the goal, about 5 minutes prior he had a left foot cross which went straight into the crowd. We didn't capitalise on the possession we had in the first half, let them come back into the game and luckily the linesman put his flag up for an incorrect offside call. I think the backline played quite well tonight.
  9. Gee i wasn't too far off with my prediction. GREAT WIN!!!!! Would of been great if Tottenham or Bolton lost. But the Dingles did and hopefully either Millwall or Brighton can make a run to send Burnley down.
  10. One worrying thing that occured during the game that i haven't seen mentioned was the lack of balls that were won in the air after Brad had cleared the ball from a goal kick a pass back or a normal clearance. We gave the ball straight back to Villa every time and created so much more problems for us. Hopefully we've realised this and can play the ball to the backline most of the time and build from our own half instead of trying to win a 50/50 on half way or into the opposing half.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA As for the club with the best average at the end of the year, i think this weeks game will be the difference. If we pull a higher crowd thats bigger than our current average ours will be better, if not Wigans will be better.
  12. 3-1 Bellamy Pederson Savage Viduka (to start getting goals quite frequently which will carry into the World Cup) Hopefully a good crowd. Surely the town know about the challenge of Europe and can get out and support the team.
  13. Why was there people leaving the game when there was still 5mins left. From the tv view it looked as if quite a few people were leaving early, sometimes i can understand this. But not when we're up 1-0 with them stuck in our own half.
  14. Game into extra time and Van Persie scores from a free kick. Looks like we'll be playing the Gooners
  15. Not a bad draw. We are going to have to beat everyone to win it, and with the form we are currently showing i wasn't too bothered to who we drew. Us Aussies will be some of the only ones happy with the kickoff time. It will be on at around 11pm with the game possibly on TV!!
  16. This same thing occured to my Dad when he was in England for the Ashes. It was the first day of the season, and there was a bit of a rain delay so he decided to pay Ewood a visit to get some photos and merchandise for me. The people there were very helpful. Gave him a 30minute tour of the place including the ground, security room, change rooms, board room, and the trophy room. So this aint a one off from the staff down at Ewood.
  17. Why are we letting them have so many tickets?????????
  18. I read that Newcastle have 12 outfield players fit for the upcoming F.A Cup match. Will be great to see them knocked out straight away. It's not as if Souness will want the team to be taking the cup seriously anyway!
  19. GREAT 1st half performance, still lack that cutting edge in the last 1/3. 2nd half was fairly average. Stayed till fulltime and got to work about 30mins late. A lot of stress would of been saved though if i did leave during the 2nd half. I can't believe people on here are mocking Emo on his performance, don't get me wrong he hasn't been playing too well recently but he came on as a 2nd half sub and did a fair job. He got in the right position for Bellamys cross and the ball was heading to the right of the goals if it wasn't blocked by the defender, the keeper wouldn't of got to it! The o
  20. Well its been quite a good half. Haven't really had that many oppurtunities on goal but shutting them down all the time and having plenty of time on the ball. There goal shouldn't of been a free kick.
  21. Just saw MGP and Reids goals Somehow MGP's found a way in, and what a strike by Reid. If we weren't so hated by the media we'd have a few in the end of seasons top goals. Unfortunately though we will be lucky to have one. Great result and we are set for a great 2006
  22. Well he didn't get a run against Chelsea...not even on the bench Is he re-injured or just didn't get picked?
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