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  1. Workhorse Emerton shows Socceroos his inner show pony
  2. OK people don't worry, Emo made it through today's game unscathed, set up a goal with a sweet cross and played well (Bert Mk2 returns) in Australia's 3-0 win over Qatar.
  3. This is probably a stupid question; Why is there a sign at the Blackburn End which says; "Please no bad language Don"?
  4. Just got this album recently and totally agree with you about the quality of it. It's also tempyed me to look at some of their older stuff (I only have Liquid Skin at the moment).
  5. 3 & 3 for me, just a shame I just bought a new home kit as I would of waited till next season for a red 'n black halved shirt.
  6. BBDU, hoping to have at least another fan I know through the Souths' forum, but he's waiting for clearance.
  7. Any chance of a video/DVD of this and the Salzburg game making it's way to Australia?
  8. No that was The Orient, and we haven't been back there since. Anyway at the Lord Nelson, atmosphere is better, the food is better (pie. mash, and peas ) and the beer is a lot better at the Lord Nelson.
  9. Agree Blueboy, and it's the choice of Sydney based Rovers fans since 2003. Just hope I don't have another incident like the last few times I've been there. Seeing as JPW and the other lads are here till the 9th, maybe a Saturday afternoon session on the 6th of January might be a good idea.
  10. After Craig Moore suspension, Neill is the Aussie captain for the friendly agist Paraguay this Saturday - http://www.smh.com.au/news/football/neill-...9641506967.html
  11. Looks like Keano's first signing will be Dwight Yorke from Sydney FC. Not too sure what the fee will be, but Yorke will earn around $AUS1.5 million a season.
  12. Also recommend Augustiner Bräustübl 4-6 Augustinergasse which is beer garden/hall with beer brewed by monks. I spent way too much time there when I was over in Salzburg a few years ago.
  13. Now there is a fixture on the 7th October against Paraguay, so they would be available for this game and the Baharin game as it's a FIFA Internationals date.
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