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  1. He's treated the club and fans like ###### for a good 2 years and your wishing him well. I hope his hamstrings snap in both legs in the warm up.
  2. Mr Maureen

    New Songs

    Thats the best yet,but don't get too creative these are Rovers fans remember so the first home game Ewood will be ringing to, "Paul Inc'es blue and white army, boing boing boing boing". Its safe,no swearing,you can sit down and chant it,tap your feet nod your head,perfect for the whole family.
  3. Big congratulations to Bentley,excellent news. As for Beckham well thats simply desperation from McClaren.
  4. Agree totally,the old Blackburn end was a dreadfully designed lump of concrete,the riverside and Darwen end early 1950s second division terraces. To all the 20 year olds reading this topic,do not believe any of the sentimental dross being posted. The new Ewood is fine we just have to fill those useless corners in.
  5. Section 25 this Saturday night,at the underground,(Worlds end pub) Camden high st,N1.
  6. Leaving huge gaps probably does help create the most beautifull of playing surfaces.But the gaps look crap, and I will continue to insist that by filling them in the atmosphere would improve dramatically along with attendances.I have also been to Old Trafford and Saint Marys both of then have great playing surfaces, Old Trafford is ten times noisier than Ewood St Marys probably twice as noisy. This idea will work, to see how it could look have a gander at FC Copenhagens ground.
  7. By filling in the corners you create a greater atmosphere thus enticing those floating Rovers fans back to Ewood.Fans want excitement on matchdays.Lets be honest Ewood is probably the dullest ground in the Premiership.
  8. Give me a fantastic atmosphere and 5000 more fans to a snooker table pitch.Bothered.
  9. Did anyone notice FC Copenhagens ground on TV last night. Very similer design to Ewood Park but with the 4 corners filled in, unlike Ewoods badly designed gaping gaps in the 4 corners.My point is fill in the gaps at Ewood, that will then improve the atmosphere 100%,thus turning Ewood into an exciting place to be on matchday. Within 3 seasons and with Mark Hughes still there, gates would increase by 5,000. As easy as that folks.
  10. The football media all week have been in a state of panic over the serious state of affairs on the pitch at West Ham.Talk sport dedicated 3 hours of airtime on Thursday evening to the worrying situation at Upton park. Match of the day 2 last night, West Ham v Rovers post match studio comments this is how it went. "Blowing bubbles,Teddy Sheringham,Emotional,Pardew,Fantastic fans,Hurst Peters Moore,Blowing bubbles,Upton park,First goal,Unsettling the team,Chesterfield,East end,Second goal,A little bit choked, Immense pressure,First win in 12,Blowing bubbles,Ron Greenwood,Drop zone,40 year old,Blowing bubbles" No mention of Blackburn Rovers nothing.
  11. Is the Hawksbee and Jacobs show the one were they both try and guess the age of random celebrities. Entertaining ?
  12. Any chance of getting rid of that photograph Simon,everytime you post I am reminded that not even one Rovers player managed to give the Burnley turd a good kicking.
  13. Just been told that the Rovers are on TV tonight,"British Euro sport" can anyone confirm this please.
  14. Come on Tony,if you have sorted it out,how can I sort it out,help please.
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