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  1. There can be only one, the King, Kenny Dalglish. It would then be down to Don Mackay, he was unlucky not to get us promoted two years prior to Dalglish, having met him he was another lovely Scottish guy at the club. After that probably Souness, then Hughes, just because of their attitudes and will to win.
  2. I don't think we are the only ones suffering, look at some of the Premier League teams like Liverpool, many others are raising concerns that their medical teams are bringing to them given the workload on most players at present, lots of muscular injuries around, rather than breaks and fractures. Sure someone more tech savy than me could have a look at some data on t'interweb to back that up, or not.
  3. Lenihan is not below 6ft, he’s about 6ft 2 inches I think.
  4. Loved Football Italia, James Richardson was brilliant and went on to do very good stuff with the Guardian, managed to be part of a small audience with him and James Glendinning (knob), was drinking with them afterwards and James was great value.
  5. I think if we have Evans in the midfield instead of Johnson then the defence will look a lot better, Johnson better on the ball but just doesn’t read the game like Evans, if playing Holtby deeper you defo need Evans and Travis in there. Decent performance but they took their chances better than us, Armstrong, Evans, Dolan all had better chances than the chances Bournemouth scored from.
  6. No need to go past the first reply on this thread, without doubt the worst I have ever felt walking away from the ground, I was 10 years old and sobbing like a baby, it sticks with me to this day.
  7. Moving Nyambe to centre half helps that area but with Bennett coming in it’s totally weakened the right hand side. what’s wrong with one of the under 23’s centre halves or something?
  8. First time on here in 24 hours, I’m assuming there was as a huge dissatisfaction with the team selection, then everyone got positive following? cant be assed reading negative stuff before everyone went positive, but in short, what a great result and I’m assuming performance having seen none of it. enjoy all
  9. Can’t even listen, saying they have technical difficulties so assuming something is again wrong
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