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  1. We are trapped in the wrong argument again. It's nothing to do with form: TM has to play THB. Like many managers in the real world beyond football, he takes the path of least resistance and drops the nice lad, Ryan, right in it. There is no reason? He means there is no reason fans will accept. Cowardly management. Spins us a line and we end up arguing amongst ourselves about the wrong thing. It's not about the journey, Tony, it's about the destination. And teenage loanees aren't taking us there.
  2. Anyone any ideas? The bloke is doing some research .
  3. Another one, Gav? Rovers vs Bradford City FA Cup semi-final 1911. C/o @FootballWW1
  4. Plenty more photos and facts where this came from. To think what some of these fellas must have witnessed only a few years before. Puts our present day problems to shame. Brilliant website. https://www.footballandthefirstworldwar.org/
  5. Bell had a nightmare there the last time out. A Rovers fan I know sat with Millwall that game. Bell suffered horrible abuse and that visibly contributed to his performance.
  6. It will be harder for the likes of us but for the big clubs which have 'arrangements' with offshore academies that they own and run, it will be so much easier. Feeder clubs whilst we wil be hanging about in the bargain basement locally. A rather negative view but not unrealistic. On the other hand, would Klopp have been appointed post-Brexit?
  7. Exactly the question I've been asking myself. The answer lies in the silence...? City and Liverpool will be OK because they 'own' academies in Europe from whom they can lend and borrow on their own terms.
  8. Transfer rules post-Brexit. What interests me more are the rules for non-British managers. The top two divisions are awash with them at the moment and i will take a lot of convicing they are particularly familiar with the culture of the FA Cup for instance. As for foreign owners after Brexit...
  9. If we have any realistic ambition, our season will be defined by results - not how we play, been there, done that - against the best teams in the division. It won't be a disaster if we don't beat Millwall. Teams lower down the table have shown us respect this season by setting up simply to contain us. We need to earn the same respect against Brentford, Norwich, Bristol City etc. And that means beating them. I reckon we can.
  10. That story is recounted in the podcast below along with some interesting insights about the Rovers during the Steve Kean era. Worth a listen. https://onestreaminbristol.libsyn.com/a-cider-with-bradley-orr
  11. You're right, Merce. Notes of caution creeping on to this board post-euphoria. I will add mine. We have to make an impression on the league this season or we'll lose some of these players. Holtby's two year deal ends tthis season for starters.
  12. Events this week back that up. From what I heard, Bolton have borrowed one of Fleetwood's keepers this season. Evatt hung the young keeper out to dry after a defeat. Barton went public at Evatt regarding his reaction and man-management. Barton then phoned the keeper and told him he had his full backing and support. No specific links but it's 'out there' to be found if you want to search for it.
  13. We are the England of the Championship - flat track bullies who go missing when the big guys turn up. Let's adopt the England manager appointment approach, swing from one extreme to another. Joey Barton, anyone?
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