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  1. i sit in the JW stand towards the Darwen end, and i have to say i thought once again the atmosphere was shockingly poor. the only time the home crowd was heard when they were singing abuse at lampard- the rest of the time it really doesnt reach the away fans. i heard a couple of chants about chelsea not singing, but trust me, the chelsea fans would have really struggled to hear any sort of banter. i have to say though, the ONLY way to improve it is without the drummers.
  2. i dont think any genuine rovers fans actually want the drummer boys to be thrown out of ewood, just the drums. stopping drumming for one or two games here & there will not do it- please please please give it a full season. It will take time for the atmosphere to come back. no drums are the future.
  3. same thoughts exactly- i really cant understand how they can sing that- i know a lot of the the Mancs don't like england but that song is just wrong from an english club. as for the drummers, I agree the personal insults are a bit harsh, but my god they are embarrassing. I would rather have the away fans singing "shall we sing a song for you" than have the drummers banging "du-dududu"- what is worse is MOTD & Sky always focus in on them. whats the bet that at the first home game, as the back of the blackburn end start "santa cruz is coming to town" we get the usual "bang
  4. thanks mate, appreciate it- will have a bash on that later on hopefully. as for online- i set mine up yesterday and registered- i am "EarlofEwood" so it shouldn't be too hard to spot me got the updgrades (took a while though). i am away this weekend so maybe later next week arrange an online fest?
  5. i think it is after nottingham. i think im going to have to set the PS3 up in the study for an afternoon, get it on line and get all downloads/updates etc set up. pain in the arse- which downloads would you recommend?
  6. cheers, will probably go buy GOW2 this weekend. as for resistance, it definately is in the middle section of the cheddar gorge level. when i load carry on campaign- it is called "a Disturbing Discovery" Cheddar Gorge 12.20 am. still stuck and feeling stupid, ahhhhhhgggggg! as for getting on line, my PS3 is in lounge on only full HD tv in the house, whilst my broadband is at other side of house in the study. i have no way of connecting via ethernet, and although it is wireless is doesnt have a strong enogh signal in the lounge so can't get on. its p*ssing me right off!
  7. cocker and the rest of the boys, can you help? i have a PS3, and on resitsance 1 player, during the cheddar gorge level i am stuck on a section where you are the edge of a cliff- the computer teammate says something like "quick, down here". It is an auto load bit, so when i start playing again i am stuck on that section- for some reason i cant seem to go anywhere- where the hell do you go or what the hell do you do? probably being stupid but for some reason i cant figure it out! should be on line in next few weeks for PS3, will let you all know my username to start whopping ass on m
  8. i will be going anywhere apart from Tel Aviv & the instanbul clubs really- just don't fancy them at all. On a side note- why d why did rovers play the feyenoord song at half time rather than before the kick off? quite a few lads in the BBE (riverside way) were trying to get it going in the second half. Rovers need to persist with this and eventually it may catch on with those that didnt go to rotterdam!
  9. seems like everyone really enjoyed the super (feyenoord) rovers tune, that second half was quality going ape to that! i know copywright etc means we probably couldn't use it at ewood, but if there was any way we could, it needs doing!! Far better than the wild rover that they play now IMO also, any of you boys around the red light district around 3-3.30 am after the game? Savage, Bert & Pederson all came down the red light area, got sung at by rovers fans, but were more than happy to have pictures taken with the lads etc. Have to say they were having a good gander at the women
  10. we spent the entire second half singing and bouncing up and down, swinging scarfs like the rest of the masses to that tune.. do,du,du,du,du, do, do,du,du,du,du, do rooooveeerrrss, roooveerrrs! someone at ewood needs to use that backgound music and we can adopt it! fantastic trip, fantastic support. I know loads had problems with the seating not being numbered, but it was like a return to the terracing days and the atmosphere was superb.
  11. tickets have arrived, block G. cant wait for this, we are staying in the Ramada citry centre- bring it on! any news on the bar for wednesday night-someone told me the ashes test is on too, if thats correct maybe a long night on the lash!
  12. last night was my final straw with rovers fans- i have defended and defended us against every rival fan that slags our attendances- i get it consistently at work from city, utd, liverpool, everton etc fans. the difference is with bolton and boro, as far as im aware they didnt drop there prices. IMO, the club can do no more.
  13. Stu- i was in a box 3 down from the fat Bolton tosser in the box (middle of BBurn End) who was consitently banging on the window and winding the rovers fans up. We put a formal complaint into the rovers- they advised us the police have it all on camera and its up to them what they do- probably nothing at all but i have to say i had a ding dong argument with him in the toilets after, and made sure he knew he was an absolute disgrace. i have no problem with away fans respectfully celebrating but he was 100% over the top.
  14. its only the last few seasons its been poor- I remember that away end bouncing 92 & 93 when newell scored, and the few years after that. we used to sell this out all the time and we took a good following when Nathan scored in the cup. Not sure why it has dipped off dramatically? i shall be there though!
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