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  1. Nope because you can’t even ring the club shop directly the whole outfit is a joke.
  2. Davenport had already proved himself as a proven championship player before he signed just typical Mowbray hampering his career
  3. No reason why anyone would sell for 10million in July, surely a lot more interested parties yet to show there hand
  4. They don’t look high quality to me, how bad is the play acting tonight
  5. 20million or free in a year, should be no negotiation they are the terms
  6. Was really nervous before the Germany game, not at all for tomorrow. Think it will be an easy game and over before half time.
  7. Just getting the 7million back would be a huge bonus
  8. Southgate is a genius, draw the Czech game and we both go through, in second place meaning we avoid France/Germany/Portugal and instead play Sweden/Slovakia/Poland
  9. Henderson Walker Stones Maguire Shaw Henderson Mount Foden Sterling Kane Rashford One of the worst England squads I’ve seen going into a major tournament, Apart from Walker, Kane and Sterling I don’t think any would get minutes on the pitch in the 2004 squad
  10. I was one who did fuck all just because I didn’t want to be associated with utter stupidity and the BNP Merry men, creating a protest t shirt in the colours of your away kit and then someone starting up a new rovers club with a stolen copyright Super Bowl logo haha Blind leading the blind
  11. It’s a freak injury, I want Mowbray out but some fans will really find pathetic things to pick at
  12. Cheated out of a draw by the prick with the whistle, wasn’t working at half time manager did everything he could turned the game on its head shame the officials were against us
  13. Not bad odds on Watford -1 goal, might aswel get something out of tonight
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