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  1. I was one who did fuck all just because I didn’t want to be associated with utter stupidity and the BNP Merry men, creating a protest t shirt in the colours of your away kit and then someone starting up a new rovers club with a stolen copyright Super Bowl logo haha Blind leading the blind
  2. It’s a freak injury, I want Mowbray out but some fans will really find pathetic things to pick at
  3. Cheated out of a draw by the prick with the whistle, wasn’t working at half time manager did everything he could turned the game on its head shame the officials were against us
  4. Not bad odds on Watford -1 goal, might aswel get something out of tonight
  5. Consistent runs in a team - us first spell, Barnsley, Sheffield and Shrewsbury inconsistent runs in a team - us 2nd spell and boro the defence rests your honour
  6. Or when given a consistent run in a team
  7. Douglas put in a better shift than Braithwaite, lad was shocking it’s like watching a baby deer. Caught out twice today and should of definitely seen red.
  8. Team should be built around and should dictate the formation to him still our key man
  9. I’d like to see elliott dropped and Dolan given a start in this one, players always score against former teams, plus Elliott hasn’t been amazing so far probably a consistent 6/7 most weeks.
  10. No Williams, Ayala, Douglas, Dack, Travis, Bennet, Downing, Kaminski, Trybul i’d say 5 of them get into our best 11
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