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  1. I will try. This will probably be all wrong seeing I suck at these things. 1. Liverpool 2. Chelsea 3. Manchester United 4. Spurs 5. Arsenal 6. BLACKBURN 7. West Ham 8. Newcastle 9. Everton 10. Portsmouth 11. Wigan 12. Fulham 13. Man City 14. Boro 15. Bolton 16. Aston Villa 17. Reading 18. Charlton 19. Sheffield United 20. Watford
  2. I lost faith with Fulham after watching them lose to the Columbus Crew live and then being destroyed by MLS All-Stars. 2-0 us
  3. Hope Its Not Too Late Premier League Predictions 1. Chelsea 2. Arsenal 3. Liverpool 4. Man Utd. 5. Tottenham 6. Boro 7. Bolton 8. Everton 9. Rovers 10. Newcastle 11. Aston Villa 12. Charlton 13. Birmingham 14. Portsmouth 15. West Brom 16. Man City 17. West Ham 18. Wigan 19. Sunderland 20. Fulham
  4. these people dont know football they are just some drunken fans who cant even name the team that they claim to supports starting lineup.
  5. we should not have bought Ferguson plain and simple. plus the price we paid made it even more horid.
  6. holly crap never though liverpool would win this game.
  7. Lawro predicts Rovers well cut my wrists and black my eyes.
  8. i think scotty and nuclearsox's bolton preview should be in messageboard gold. that was timeless.
  9. this is why i hate brum. since they are in a big city they are IT
  10. i think tugay is over-rated too but this has nothing to do with the brum game.
  11. i guess im hapy with a draw looking at how we played. still a point is not bad.
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