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  1. I never saw him play but like many others I saw Ronnie Clayton around Ewood many times. No airs or graces, he always had time to share a word and a smile as he cheerily went on his way. One day my son and I where coming out of the club shop, Ronnie walked up behind us had a quick word before striding away, I cant remember what was said. Jack asked me who that was and I told him it was Ronnie Clayton former England captain, he was mightily impressed. Proper football clubs are all about people and Ronnie Clayton was the most proper of people.
  2. My main memory of Agnew was of him being presented a TV on the pitch for being MoM in a Rumbelows Cup game, it was raining and everyone involved looked a bit bewildered. I think he was injured when we bought him.
  3. Thanks for that Paul, much appreciated.
  4. I'll be there during August, I'll definitely check out the sandwich shop. If you have any other eating tips in the Outer Hebredies I'm all ears. Similarly if anyone finds themselves in Lochinver you need to check out the pies at Lochinver Larder (also available by mail order at http://www.piesbypost.co.uk) Best. Pies. Ever. My favourites are Venison & Cranberry, Poached Salmon and Apple & Blackcurrent
  5. When did you go to Sakura? and why didn't you invite me
  6. Link please !!! just hearsay I'm surprised so many people have been taken in by this bizarre story. The idea that Paul Dickov would leave a pub and then POP in to a newsagents without so much as a word to his press contacts I wonder if there is a bet fair maket on seeing Paul Dickov betting on himself becoming the next manager of Londis in Hale
  7. I went to a Sens v Rangers about 3 weeks ago and really enjoyed the whole event. The game wasn't up to much, 3-1 to Rangers. I loved the build up to the game and the anthems etc. they do the cheesy stuff so well, when ever football trys it it just seems crap.
  8. I went too, although I can't comment on Gomez because I bumped in to a bunch of mates I haven't seen in years and ended up chatting at the back I do agree about the venue ( ) though its a massive improvement on its predecessor, I hope that the Gomez sell out raises the profile of the place in the eyes of promoters. I went to see The Rifles in the small room with Gav a few weeks ago, that was cracking.
  9. If we continue to win our home games and draw our away games we'll win the cup
  10. I was made feel guilty about going away on my own, spending a small fortune on booze and having a week in bed to recover, So I decided not to go. Now I'm feeling grumpy ... so I'm going to buy a sports car, that'll teach her.
  11. Just heard King has pulled out of the squad. Cara in to replace King 5 at the back with two holding midfielders, an out of sorts attacking midfielder and an out of form striker. Good job Crouch is a goal machine England to win 7-0
  12. I'm excited about Krakow away but the rest of the draw is a bit dull. All of the interesting destinations seemed to be in pot 3. Football wise we could have done a lot worse.
  13. Kevin Moran - with illustrations of his favorite injuries (both suffered and inflicted) Wilcox and Atkins may be able to provide an players view of the Walker revolution before, during and after.
  14. The run in looks quite good, our rivals are all involved in local derbies and will also play each other in the last 5 games Chelsea play both Man U and Arsenal, United have Chelsea and Man City while Arsenal finish with 3 London derbies in their last 5 games (including Chelsea and Spurs) If we can keep pace with the top 3 we could finish strongest Rovers Watford – H Fulham – A Charlton – H Newcastle - A Reading – H Chelsea Man Utd – H Newcastle – A Bolton – H Arse – A Everton – H Man Utd Chelsea – A Boro – H Everton – A Man City – A West Ham – H Arse Bolton – H Spurs – A Fulham – H Chelsea – H Pompey – A
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