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  1. Why do you say he's never going to be world class? The kid's just started, he's hungry, got a bit of pace, great finisher, reads the game well, brings others in to play. He reminds me of Owen but when I think about it he has more to his game than Owen. If Owen's world class then Derbs can be one day!
  2. Without appearing racist.... People of Pakistani origin do not go to watch football. In Blackburn there are 35,000 of asian origin, leaving around 50,000 people (men, women and kids) who may or may not choose to go to Ewood. That is less than the capacity of many Premiership grounds. Why then are we surprised at crowds averaging arount 17,000 before we include the away fans? I think it's a bloody good turnout. The fall away from previous years is quite simply fans from out of the area who got bored when we lost the glamour of the Dalglish/Walker days! Stop moaning... start supporting. Cro
  3. The Premiership is definately becoming boring. Whereas once the majority of teams considered themselves in with a chance of a trophy at the start of the seasons this is now the preserve of only the top four clubs. I no longer look forward to the season as a whole but only to individual games. It is still exciting to face the 'big' teams such as Chelsea, Man U and er Birmingham City in that particular game but over a whole season 90 percent of clubs no that they cannot compete. To bring back the excitement of yesteryear I suggest the following Europe wide regulations for top flight clubs b
  4. first time in club footy, although i think he was sent off for wales once.
  5. Wow Got a ticket in the draw for England v Trinidad..... hoorah
  6. I had a feeling that old whisky face would put out a strong team tonight after saying exactly the opposite all week. Typical Fergie bullsh!!t
  7. Any team news I'm stuck at work until 8?
  8. What I'm saying is Dunny coming back would rekindle many of the more fickle Rovers fans interest in the club. Meaning more ticket sales, shirt sales, programme sales, pie sales, beer sales, hotdog sales, lottery sales etc. More interest and bigger crowds mean Rovers can get bigger and better sponsorship deals and make more money through corporate packages. The benefits to Rovers are not just a few more shirt sales, this was one example amongst many!
  9. If you think about it we had a 66.66% chance of meeting either TheArse or ManUre in the semi-final and only a 1 in 3 chance of meeting Wigan. Therefore more chance of a conspiracy being claimed than not!!
  10. I don't think that anyone can deny that Dunny coming back would have a positive impact on the Rovers merchandise department. He is a hero to many fans, almost every Rovers shirt had 'DUNN' on the back when he was at the club. And as another subject on the messageboard tells us... we need a hero! Surely the impact that Dunny can have on sales alone would offset some of the risk involved in wages by bringing him 'home'???
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