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  1. You can't compare the two, Idah is a quality player with huge potential and Dolan isn't anywhere near that. Considering the circumstances we find ourselves in this would be a very good deal.
  2. Worrying contract situation, I think we've left it too late and he will run it down now losing value on any sale. Runs out in 2022 I think? Hes a top Championship striker who will go and thrive at the top level. Look at Shane Long who's made a career in the Prem and he can't finish for toffee! Arma has similar pace but scores goals for fun. A fantastic signing by Mowbray it has to be said.
  3. Kaminski is a big upgrade on Walton at a bargain price. A bit flashy with some saves but like another outfield player on the ball is a huge boost to our all-round play. The midfield 3 were superb and it shows the importance of winning the midfield battle as it allows the front 3 to play. Breo is like a new man, Dolan is the closest thing to Duff ive seen coming into the team at such a young age and Arma is a proper goalscorer - even when he plays poorly he makes an impact. Is this the start of a special season?
  4. Tony's going to have a field day with his tombola today 100%. 3 or 4 goals conceded I fear.
  5. Kalvin Phillip's, Sam Johnstone, Jarrod Bowen Johnstone Nyambe, Lenihan, Tosin, Downing Travis, Phillip's Bowen, Dack, Rothwell Graham
  6. Bar the blip in the opening 2 games we are now on the form of a top 2 side and that's where the aim has to be. We have players in the team now that demand success and expect to win and I feel that is rubbing off on the younger players.
  7. Dack plays off the striker or even false 9 at the moment. Rothwell mostly plays on the wing and neither are left footed so I wouldn't compare them to Cairney and Holtby.
  8. The Cairney replacement finally about to arrive? Holtby, if motivated, is a top player at this level.
  9. 10 points from the last 5 games you say? Promotion form.
  10. I think quite a few fans on this board are ageist against our Tony, sad to see.
  11. Spot on, people desperate to find a negative! The back 4 is strong and the front 4 exciting. Smallwood and Evan's need some minutes and are clearly backup.
  12. I imagine a tight game but we seem to have the edge over Hull in recent times so I'll go with 0-1. A miraculous away clean sheet..
  13. The main problem for me is tactically Mowbray has got it horribly wrong. We need 3 in the centre of midfield to win the most important battle on the pitch but instead we only have 2. Dack and Graham are effectively a front 2 with Armstrong and Downing not too keen on tracking back. This leaves Evan's and Johnson having to cope with the whole of Rangers midfield, always going to be a losing battle! Having such a poor defence and goalie behind doesn't help either.
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