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  1. It's a hard call, Mum. I think it's a bit early to go saying he's gone, but at the same time once Fergie leaves, or possibly even Mourinho, I think he's gone. Nothing less than that, though.
  2. Sparky had an odd history with Chelsea. I was talking to some Chelsea fans about this very thing yesterday, and they seemed to think that there's no chance of that. By the same token, I talked to a Manchester ex-pat who seemed to think that Hughes isn't the first choice to replace Sir Alex, either, so...
  3. We HAVE to have a testimonial for Brad. Wild horses couldn't keep me away from that one.
  4. Just so long as he isn't passing his groin onto others, I think Rovers will be fine. Should he be caught passing the groin, we have issues...
  5. Yeah - I wear kit to work on occasion and have been forbidden from wearing this year's because my employer thinks the Bet24 logo is too lowbrow for the office. The guy who supports Chelsea can wear his kit till the cows come home, but all I can wear is my AMD kit.
  6. Corporate boxes are there for executives to a) have a perk, take out favored clients, and c) reward employees. The worse Rovers play, or the smaller our fanbase is, the less all 3 become viable reasons to buy in. It happened in Dallas with the Cowboys in the late 80s-early 90s. The attraction isn't so much the "I'm at the game" as "I'm above the hoi polloi, in luxury, getting served food by a waiter, and I'm watching footy. w00t!" I think it's the air of privilege more than anything else.
  7. If Lonsdale is losing money, how can we get a decent kit sponsor? Who would want us if our kit company loses money?
  8. I dunno... How about Michael Dell buys the team, injects 500 million, moves the team to Austin, Texas to be near his home so he doesn't have to travel to get to the games, we get Beckham on a ludicrous transfer, and convince Pele to come out of retirement and play in some insane scheme to get ratings, the Dingles go up and become the first team in Prem history to score no goals and get no points and are drummed out of the FA for such a poor showing. Oh, and it snows on Christmas AND Boxing Day.
  9. 2 actually. And they're the greatest female footballers of all time, so I can definitely see why they're on the list. Mia Hamm was a phenom.
  10. We CANNOT go down if the Dingles go up. There is no greater horror on this planet. If we go down and they go up it's enough to drive a man mad. I swear if that happens I will burn every piece of Lonsdale crap I own, pretend it's 1995, and start supporting Millwall.
  11. Can you imagine the sheer horror of the Dingles in the Prem with us in the Championship?
  12. Club crest would almost certainly be. 'arte et labore' is in the context of a football item, though I imagine you could set up 'Arte et labore painters' with no problem Blue & white halved - don't know. A color itself (in the US at least) can be copyrighted, but you can't stop someone from painting their house burnt orange and white (common here in University of Texas country). I would say you could likely not duplicate club items, but I don't know that making, say, a blue and white halved dress shirt would constitute a violation Player names - I don't know what the situation is wi
  13. I'll buy one for a young fan. I was wondering what to get myself (metaphorically) for Christmas, and that seems to fit the bill quite nicely.
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