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  1. Anyone recommend a good restaurant for Valentines day? Preferably not seafood or curry, other than that all good.
  2. Yep playing Arkham City at the moment - extremely addictive and beautifully done. Just bought BF3 as well - playing through the campaign on that - pretty decent however multiplayer is it's strength. Traded in my Dark Souls game - not for me - it's decent and rewarding when you finally get somewhere but very difficult and don't really have the spare hours to put in.
  3. Just bought Dark Souls on the 360. This game is HARD!!!! It's strangely keeps you going back for more but I just don't think I have the spare time to persevere. Any serious gamers want a REAL rewarding challenge - this is it. On the surface it just looks like an RPG but it's pure difficulty is, bizarrely, it's greatest strength. It's tagline is "Prepare to Die" - says it all.
  4. What worries me the most is all the bad press we're getting, that candidate list to replace Kean (IF he gets the bullet) is getting smaller and smaller. There is a seperate thread for this of course but seriously, who would want this job?? Someone desperate that's who.
  5. Yeah picked it up the other day. Always been a fan of the Deus Ex series - love the way you can choose how you want to do the missions. I usually try the stealth options to complete but invariably fail so end up blasting my way through. Good soundtrack, very atmospheric, excellent gameplay depth but graphics are looking a bit dated now (especially in the facial technology when you look at something like LA Noire) but I can forgive that as the main thing is it's got a good plot and it's bloomin enjoyable. Also picked up Dirt 3 recently - good if you like driving games and your willing to take the training wheels of and ramp up the realism a bit - I enjoyed it. Oddly enough though it gave me the strange urge to replay through GRID instead - much better game.
  6. I was looking forward to Duke as well, it's had some pretty grim reviews though. Best leave the past in the past, I'm going to avoid. On the upside I picked up Crysis 2 for 25 quid in Asda - very decent. I've also resurrected my love for PES - bought a used copy of PES2011 the other day and I have to say once you get into it you realise apart from a few flaws (and just playing offline) it's a cracker, the "become a legend" mode outstrips "Be A Pro" on FFIA in every way as far as I'm concerned. I'll definitely give PES 2012 a good run as a result.
  7. Going to pick it up tonight been looking forward to it for a while - Top Spin 4 has been keeping me going in between.
  8. Mine are: Rovers 1 - 0 Newcastle - VE day 1995 (Victoria at Ewood)- A.K.A the Tim Flowers show. Tense battle where Rovers showed they had the guts as well as the guile to eventually be crowned champions. Rovers 7 - 1 Norwich (94?) - Just mesmerising stuff, King Kenny's rovers at their very best. Rovers 1 - 0 Leicester (Play off Final)- Not the greatest game in the world but will never forget that feeling when the final whistle went - still gives me goosebumps. Rovers 4 - 2 Derby County - The play off Semi of the game above. 2 - 0 down and came storming back to win 4 - 2, should have been more - best atmosphere I have ever heard at Ewood. PS Be extremely grateful if someone can dig out a link where I can watch this. Rovers 5 - 0 Dingles - April fools day - tremendous.
  9. I've hired out Alan Wake for week - was up playing it until about 2am yesterday. Tad repetitive in parts but an awesome game nonetheless. If you like the silent hill series and you love a good story I would highly recommend hiring this or buying pre owned (there should be plenty about as it doesn't have that much replay value and there's no nultiplayer). Really good played with the lights off on a gaming chair, plenty of brown trousers jump out of your seat moments.
  10. Briefly Hughesy, you play a cowboy bad ass with a criminal past who decided he wanted to change his ways and settle down to the family life. From what I know, the government have kidnapped his wife and young daughter and are holding them to ransom – basically he’s been forced to hunt down the gang members who he used to run with, people who he once considered his brothers . That could be any Saturday afternoon cowboy matinee story of course, but as you’d expect from Rockstar the character is very believable and extremely well thought through which means that you warm to him very quickly. The gameworld, as you would expect, is huge and a la GTA you are free to explore as you see fit, although the main plot flows along nicely and even the side quests all feel part of the game world and are worth doing as they are varied and fun (unlike GTA on many an occasion). You also make decisions based on how you want your character to pan out, doing the “right thing” on a quest gives you honour and fame which means that if you commit a crime (like robbing someone at gunpoint) and someone sees you (be it a citizen or a lawman), they are more likely to turn a blind eye if your honour is high. There are also jobs and games you can play such as texas hold em and they are actually worth doing this time for two reasons. A: They are bloody good fun (I played texas hold em for an hour and a half) and B: Sometimes it’s worth a gamble as money seems to be harder to accumulate this time round. There are many similarities to GTA of course as I can’t stop mentioning it, yet it all feels very unique and fresh. The detail is incredible – when travelling between towns you might see a guy being chased down by a pack of coyotes for instance – loads of little things like that happening all bring the game to life. A cynic would say it is just GTA but in the wild west, I would reply by saying when it’s this good, whats the problem?
  11. Yep - picked it up myself over the weekend - it's pretty much GTA in the wild west but has plenty of differences - atmosphere is brilliant - favourite game so far this year and a nice break from Fifa. I'm about 3 hours in at the moment and still don't fell like I've scratch the surface yet - controls can be a bit fiddly at times - any tips on how to tame the horses once yuo get on their back, not quite sure when to move my stick left right etc.
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