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  1. I am just wondering if Savage and Dunn have played together in mid-field in Big club? They should have been play together before so I think their partnership will not be a bad one.
  2. Half year ago I won't agreed that the transfer of Dunn is a good deal. However, after half year, I have changed my mind. It seems that we don't have enough cover and we needs some cover that have acceptable standard. Dunn is the person. He needs not adapt to blackburn once again as he still be a blackburn guy...
  3. Speaking about the truth, DB won't come to blackburn. I don't think Victoria will allow it to happen... I am not living in England but I have heard that the living style in Blackburn is not like London. So I don't think Victoria will like it. (sorry if I am wrong) But it is very great if he come to us. Hey guy, he will score a lot of freekicks. It is important. and boost the gate...
  4. I really hope that hughes will give up europe by give more fresh leg to play. If he still keep the same player to play at the end of season we get nothing. Sorry for my negative words.
  5. Each time at second half when opponents get a corner that corner will change to a goal. It seems that we did not train how to defend corner. One for Liverpool, another for Westham. If my memory is not wrong, I remember we lose a few more goal in corner. In FM it is difficult to score in corner so why it is so easy in reality??
  6. Did they learn how to defend corner??? Last time lose a corner to liverpool and this time to westham (a lot more before). Did they forget to train defend corner??? Second thing, as I have said before, we did not have enough player. Our player seems very tired. Just I said after we lose to portsmouth, please hughes give up europe.
  7. I think we have already known that he won't sign the contract for us a long long time ago. Only Hughes didn't know (or he did not want to know). It is old news already. In my heart the transfer has already happened... So let us talk about who will replace Neill? If we sold Neill two months ago then we will have 2M. If we sold him in Jan 07 then we will get 1M atmost...
  8. I like Gally and Nonda upfront and benni come out in 2nd half after the opposite team get tied. I guess 2-1 ours:Benni, gamst them: Ooijer own goal...
  9. If Hughes let Gally come out early then we needs not to be worry so long for an hours... Good Job! He earns 3 points for us and earn his starting place...
  10. Actually I think that a 2-2 draw is a very good result as Salzburg is not a weak team I think. Now just hope that our defence is good enough to defend in second leg. This is the first time in this season that I am not "negative" after a match
  11. Yes! Liverpool cannot win Everton also so they are crap team too. In my prediction table Liverpool lies in fifth ( I have already predict Liverpool cannot be better than last year). As I have said before, we should act like a strong team if we are going to be good. But do you think a team who cannot win Sheff Utd. is a strong team or will be capable to lies in the first half of table? Let's face it. I have not become negative last year because we act " like a strong team" last year. But for this year, we have already let in 6 goal, only Middlesbrough worse than us. And we have just have 1 goal
  12. Anyone still think that we are capable to play in first four? We cannot win Sheff Utd... This means that our standard is just *similiar* (please note that we are lucky not to lose to them) to sheff Utd. I don't think we can win thursday as they are not weak team.
  13. I really think that it is a good signing. FREE!! Where can you find a DC that have preimership experience now with free? Todd is too arrogant, Neill want to go, Nelsen injured. Ooijer Needs time to "fit" into english defence system... Of course he is not the best, but at least we have less chance to get more partnership like todd and neill, and I think his playing won't worser than them (as todd / neill partnership is already very bad )
  14. I think the problem is Ooijer and Gamst and roberts. They play very bad. Of course I don't expect that we will play very good in this game. But I think that if we are going to challenge in Europe, at least we should play like a strong team. I don't think we play good in this game or we play like a "strong team". After the starting of game I have already guessed that we won't win this one. Roberts cannot control ball and why don't hughes replace him by kuqi? Gamst is not Gamst last season. Lucas help chelsea to clear the ball. We just know how to hit long ball from bently to their 12 yards. H
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