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  1. so....you'd write off millions of pounds...knowing you'll never been employed again and you'll have to leave the country cos everyone is gonna make you'll life a misery, all out of principal ? come on eddie, you and i both know you'd take the money!
  2. Barwick shouldve been the 1st to be sacked. he's to blame for the shambles! the guy knows nothing about the game. spk to anyone who knws him/ or has worked with him and they will tell you that! yes McClown is inept and a rank poor manager, but... i dont blame him for accepting the job or refusing to resign. every single person on here wouldve done the same! i wish talk shows and journo's would stop discussing mourinho as the replacement. HE WONT GO NEAR THE JOB! PS, can we have football taken away from the BBC. camera work was awful. their presentation is toe curling! hansen was ######, wright bamboozled, and the only one who talked any sense was big al. motty is just crap nowadays and lawro's "more frank carson than scott carson" tells me the BBC'S BITCH should go aswell! and why did they keep showing us that frigging table, throughout the match! EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY KNEW WHAT HAD TO HAPPEND FOR US TO QUALIFY!
  3. it probably wont get a nationwide release in the US, but i'll keep an eye out for any info. i'm looking for a pre-release dvd, myself. will let you know.
  4. i'm really looking forward to 'The Ian Curtis movie' - CONTROL- out on 5th october. trailers here :
  5. i've not heard that he's inj. if we had had an inj to one of our CB's, axe wouldve gone to RB, and ooijer to CB. "horses for courses" selections are the norm for MH. anyway, zurab doesnt look at all comfortable at RB.
  6. great interview. my brother knows him very well, and having met him a couple of times, i can confirm he's a throughly decent bloke, very different from the way he's portrayed. on a footballing level, despite his many protractors, he gave us brilliant service (FAN'S player of the year twice speaks volumes) and his commitment could never be questioned. he's still got a lot to offer and he'll prove invaluable for derby. all the best, andy.
  7. there has always been an air of inevitability, regarding benni moving on, so i'm not too upset about it (particularly as bellamy is ringing his old collegues telling them he cant wait to come back! ) every cloud........
  8. absolutely right. although, nonda is still a waste of space and money!
  9. at this rate, and all the praise of 'the axe', i'm gonna go down the bookies and place a bet on him being a future president of south africa. :ph34r:
  10. i was always behind him playing the role, as my signiture stated - "give him a chance." bringing it back to the axe, he'd make a great bond baddie.... he reminds me of this gentleman -http://www.mi6.co.uk/sections/villains/kananga.php3?t=lald&s=lald
  11. aaron, my apologies. he's improved beyond all recognition, in the last couple on weeks, particularly with regards to distribution. after his 'strikers finish' yesterday, we know where to turn if we have a 'striker crisis'! :ph34r:
  12. rev, you must be counting his effort v New Zealand!
  13. of course..... from matt derbyshire thread, 3rd jan : "I think he'll be ahead of jeffers in the pecking order, from what I've been told. jeffers has had a virus for several weeks - longer than anticipated. I after being given adequate time off, he was MADE to come into training, the other week, (after phoning in sick), as MH and medical staff weren't sure he was as ill as he said he was. I'm sure someone else 'in the know' will confirm. disappointing. I thought he wouldve been more committed - given he's drinking at the 'last -chance saloon'. at least we know derbs will be fully committed."
  14. as i posted on another thread a few months ago, jeffers attitude has angered MH and his staff. in a season where, apart from derbs and mcCarthy, none of our strikers have scored bagfuls of goals, the fact that franny has been loaned to a struggling championship side, shows he isnt in rovers long-term plans.
  15. [quote name=Bryan' date='Feb 26 2007, 12:45 ' post='493147] He just fancied a lot of grief with his football, so he joined their club!Recent results must be hard to digestive though. very good, bryan! i resisted "that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes! " QUOTE(Ricky @ Feb 26 2007, 12:26 ) Don't think Liverpool would go in for him after his comments when he chose west Ham I personally think he'll end up goign abroad. milan/ barca ? they'll be plenty of prem teams who'll show an interest, but none of the top 4 will touch him.
  16. my dislike to wham has nothing to do with Lucas. it's to do with their fans having 'delusions of grandeur' and they wear that disgusting kit! I've heard 'golam' is only a figure-head and has only invested 10M of his own money. I bet his fellow investors are furious with him. he should've stuck to biscuits.
  17. yesterday's 2 goals havent changed my opinion. if you watch him closely, he doesnt anticipate the ball coming to him (whether it be from flick-ons, or through balls) and is generally static. his biggest problem is he is lazy. even if he had roberts' work-rate, he'd be more of valuable to the team.
  18. "Graeme Souness was in debt to Brad Friedel on several occasions. Today another manager with a poor understanding of tactics was also thnking the world that he had Brad to call upon. Late saves denied a poor Arsenal side over an incredibly negative Blackburn Rovers at the Emirates Stadium." his best, yet. he's hillairious. i'll be a regular visitor.
  19. wigan are thinking about a counter-claim. whether dowd was swearing at wigan players or not, is open to debate, but i couldnt see any difference in jewell/ dowd's conduct, when they sqaured up to each other. dowd gets no simpathy from me, after his discraceful performance against spurs at ewood. interesting article in today's times : http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/foo...icle1375336.ece
  20. I might be in the minority, but I feel a bit sorry for mcClaren. he's out of his depth and he knows it. he was never going to turn down the opportunity to manage England. the blame lies with the players, (bunch of big-time charlie's. don't have the hunger/ desire to play for England. it's been going on for years!), the FA, and in particular brian barwick. his TV and radio interviews prove the guy knows absolutely nothing about football - the 'knowledge' he has is minimal and comes solely from producing MOTD- and I'd question whether he was / is really a football fan. mcClaren isn't blameless. his team selections/ tactics are baffling, but more worryingly, - he seems to give venables too much of say input. 'el tel's' formations and coaching method's are decades out of date, but we're using them! *yes... yes, we got the semis of euro 96, but looking at it - the holland game aside we were pretty poor and lucky!* in short, barwick hired mcClaren and approved terry venereal's appointment, he should take the blame. if only we lived in an ideal world - where barwick would replace mcc and his staff, and then resign without a pay-off. (dreaming).
  21. excellent post. knowledgeable and clear thinking rovers fans (the majority) understand todd's importance to the team and rate him far higher than ooijer and henchoz, in- particular. however, other people's opinions of todd are based mainly on the fact that he refused to be sub against leeds, in 2004, despite previously being told he was playing. he was told this on the afternoon of the game. souness was the manager, and interestingly, most of todd's detractors also slate souness (for his fall-outs etc..). so, how can they slag off souness' man-management skills/style and not see that todd had a point.
  22. it is. collins dictionary definition describes nonda perfectly. inept :- adj. 2. awkward, clumsy or incompetant.
  23. nonda's just blazed over. how many times has he done that in recent weeks ? he started promisingly, earlier in the season, but he's inept - and getting worse as the wks go by.
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