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  1. I'm not one for commenting much these days but I'm always about.I'm on holiday in Jersey right now. I took the family to visit Uncle Jacks resting place. It's a very modest plot at St Brelades. Brought tears to my eyes though. It's a very large graveyard. If anyone ever needs direction then ping me a message.
  2. Sorry if its already been mentioned but that fella on the left for Peterborough gave us a right hard time in the 1st half. Was it Jones ?
  3. The less songs about Burnley the better. Don't give them the time or effort The more songs about the Rovers the better
  4. I was in a pub in Oxfordshire called The Osprey watching this one. Brilliant
  5. AlanK

    RIP Tashor

    RIP He was one of the stand out contributors to this site
  6. Exactly. So misunderstood.
  7. Awful news. For a developed nation our understanding of mental health is shocking.
  8. I used to be so proud of my club. From the boardroom to the the pitch. Just embarrassed now. Got nothing good to say at all. Just thinking of Rovers right now makes my heart sink
  9. Yes. I rarely complete games as I jump to something else. However, I have completed Uncharted 1 and 2. Amazing games.
  10. I`m done attending professional football matches now. Overpaid players about to get another pay rise. I bet 90% of the Rovers players couldn`t point to Blackburn on a map. The virus of chav fans with their attitude, drinking (and inability to handle it),pathetic chants and now a fan injured. You know somewhere along the line we were all brainwashed in to " must stay in prem no matter what ". It used to be a "few beers and support your local team no matter what". I`m sticking to F1. On the campsites at Silverstone the F1 fans will empty enough tins to recycle and create their own grid of cars without an ounce of trouble. Fantastic party atmosphere. Mr Williams, might see you at Ewood one day but not under these conditions.
  11. Got tickets for Stereophonics at NIA in Birmingham in March
  12. Because they don`t stick cigars in peoples eyes!!!!!!!! Don`t you bloody get it!?!
  13. If we sign Barton I will not put a penny in to the rover`s coffers until he is gone. I will not fund paying that yob to play football anywhere never mind at Ewood.
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