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  1. A tweet from FC United suggests Sam has gone on an initial month’s loan.
  2. I think the club have put him up in somewhere around Chorley for him to self-isolate.
  3. It might be instructive to look at PNE’s gate on Saturday. They have been averaging a bit under 10,000 home fans so far. On Saturday they reduced prices to £5 (and gave the money to charity) as part of their commemoration of Trevor Hemmings’ death. They got roughly an extra 5,500 home fans. Clearly £5 is a lot cheaper than £14.60 and they had the extra “incentive” of wanting to remember Hemmings. So I would expect a much smaller increase and the actual number will depend on results before the game. Lose them all and very few more fans, win them all and a lot more will come. The truth will no doubt be somewhere in between.
  4. My best guess in this case would be that it was a combination of some individuals complaining and us raising the matter at the September Fans Forum.
  5. That's what I've been told today Tony from the man who has organised it.
  6. I have now had it confirmed from the club that there will be full match replays available on Rovers TV for subscribers from now on.
  7. I understand that the full match highlights of the Coventry game are available on RoversTV - this from a Rovers fan in New Zealand who has just watched them.
  8. It’s 7 games without a win with 6 draws and one defeat in September and October after beating Peterborough and Swansea at the end of August. Trevor Hemings was only really interested in horse racing, although clearly he has provided plenty of funding for PNE nonetheless.
  9. Is the the ceramics background a reason why Ben’s mum has ended up living in Stoke, the UK’s pottery capital?
  10. Well it will make a change from O’Higgins everything Lord Baltimore!
  11. PotterLog is right. Just an iPad and £10 to RoversTV - just like it was for the lockdown games last season.
  12. Assuming you can watch Stoke in Chile PotterLog then any Chilean should be able to get most of our games on RoversTV. I had no trouble watching the Blackpool game in Mallorca two weeks ago.
  13. It’s inevitable that when the price foe fuel goes up it will appear as a much bigger rise in the US than in the UK as so much of the UK price is tax which hasn’t increased in years.
  14. The implication was that, like Gav, I agreed with you that there are no food shortages. I don’t.
  15. Chaddy - I think you’re confusing me with someone who agrees with you. It’s true that I have suggested that shortages are not as apocalyptic as some have suggested but in my experience they are all around us. At home I have rarely been able to get exactly what’s I want when shopping. None of it has been disastrous but until recently it wasn’t an issue at all. Right now I’m in Mallorca and the difference is marked - not a single shortage that I can see. We were chatting to a Danish couple in a bar the other night and they were completely incredulous that the British chose to leave the EU. They just simply could not understand why a nation would voluntarily do that. All I could was agree with them. For a concise and balanced analysis of the mess we are in I commend a read of today’s leader in the Independent.
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