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  1. There has been a sickness outbreak in the England camp. It's not clear who has been affected and whether anyone will be ruled out of tomorrow's game but I guess that's quite possible.
  2. In truth I've done bugger all Gav. I've had 4 half days driving a nurse around for housebound vaccinations, today booking appointments and this Thursday as a marshall. The wife's done a bit more than me but still a handful of days in total. I've probably spent more time on the Fans Forum (for I'm sure no praise at all!).
  3. I don't know what the official policy is Jim - above my pay grade as a volunteer clerk. I suspect though they will be contacted again. I don't think either were hard anti-vaxxers, just a bit nervous and they may both come back themselves. In truth I reckon I could have got one of them to come except that he couldn't make the time I had available on this Saturday anyway. I'm sure my wife would! I've already seen her in action with one of her long term patients.
  4. There was an article on PM tonight about a number of people who are reporting that their persistent long covid complaints got a lot better a few days after having the Pfizer vaccine. Still anecdotal but a professor has heard enough reports to suggest it needs investigating. I've spent the day calling patients at my wife's old surgery to some in for vaccinating later this week. I've been working on those under 60 with underlying medical conditions and we've got down to 54 year olds already. As we get to younger people it gets harder to catch them on the phone, either home or mobile, which
  5. In general that’s fair comment but I suspect that anyone aiming to be manager of Celtic would be in for an interesting time in east Glasgow if he was outed as a boyhood Rangers fan.
  6. Less than 24 hours ago you were clearly against policies being leaked to the press ahead of Parliamentary announcement, pretty much at the same time as Sunak was busy doing just that on TV. The £5bn fund was in the news at the end of last week - or does it only count when it's been on Sky?
  7. No Ewood Ace - we've already had the leak about the £5bn fund to help out businesses closed by the pandemic - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56227339
  8. Rev - the two planning applications are publicly available on the RVBC website.
  9. Not at all weird. Until we have both vaccinated people here and in the developed world and at a bare minimum vaccinated the vulnerable across the developing world we won’t be able to settle back into normal life. if we just vaccinate ourselves and forget poorer countries we will be opening up the prospect of more variants developing and to the risk that one or more of those has immunity to the vaccine, taking us all back to square one. We really need to be pushing vaccines out across the world now to cut down this risk, even at the cost of delaying getting all adults vaccinated.
  10. Tris is Chair of the Fans Forum and Ste B is also still on although work commitments mean he hasn't made it too often recently. And of course I am on as secretary. brfcs does also have a rep on but I hesitate to put it on here without their permission not knowing their user name.
  11. Dreams - they have a new album out shortly and have just announced a tour in November.
  12. You’re right Gav, that not joining the procurement programme was a good decision. But, that’s not what you claimed yesterday and what I was referring to. Then you said that not being in the EMA was the key. I pointed out that we could have been in the EMA, whether or not we were in the EU, and could still have not jo8ned the EU procurement effort. As could any other EU member.
  13. No it didn't chaddy. It was perfectly possible to have left the EU but have remained in the EMA and still sorted our own vaccine procurement plan as we did.
  14. That might well be what they meant but it wasn't what they said. They said it was a good job we didn't stay in the EMA, which was irrelevant to the vaccine debate.
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