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  1. Later on that month I did actually count the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike......
  2. As with most of Jim’s views on the AZ vaccine it’s rubbish. To put the risk in context you can’t do better than the comparison I heard a few days ago. If you’re a motorcyclist and your vaccination centre is 8 miles from home you are more at risk from dying on the journey than from having the vaccine.
  3. Still on Gav and no doubt all available on iPlayer. One thing I learned from the 9pm documentary was that I must have been close when Gram Parsons died at the Joshua Tree Inn in September 1973. I was at the time touring the US on Greyhound buses and I was somewhere out west then.
  4. The fact that Turkey has just gone on to the Red List might change things.
  5. Gav - hope you have clocked Emmylou Harris night on BBC4 tonight.
  6. Den - what you need to do depends at least as much on where you’re going as what English traffic light list it’s on. The Government is quite happy for you to go to Australia or New Zealand but you have no chance of getting in.
  7. I think that you have to have the test booked before you come home.
  8. Den - you need to take a test before you leave to come home, but this can be a lateral flow test, which you can get for free here and take with you. We have a box of them at home for using before going to the vaccination sessions. You then need to take a private PCR test before the end of day 2 after you get home. This will cost and must be from the list of Government approved centres you can find at gov.uk. Of course depending on where you go you might also need a test to get into wherever you go. Prices for private tests are high, although the Government are supposed to be looking at th
  9. That was Ben Houchen Tyrone on PM.
  10. Here's something for you to sign Chaddy - https://action.electoral-reform.org.uk/page/2401/petition/1 How anyone can possibly defend an electoral system based on the 3 examples given there is beyond me.
  11. I wouldn't get too excited. Labour lost 8 seats, 3 to the Lib Dems and 5 to the Greens. The Tories picked up 1 from 0 before, probably at the expense of UKIP.
  12. We've been here before Chaddy, as I'm sure you know. The alternative on offer in that referendum was bloody awful and its only redeeming feature was that it was marginally better than FPTP. It was in no way a proper PR system on offer. And it was another example of the Tories breaking a promise. And it was 10 years ago and one or two things have changed in UK politics since then...
  13. It's not that radical a shift Gav. The council has gone to no overall control for the 4th time since 1999 and there have been 5 years of Lib Dem control in that period too.
  14. Paul - we have already vaccinated the vast majority of those particularly vulnerable in the UK and most of those have had both jabs. In contrast there are vast swathes of the world where there have been virtually no vaccines. It’s in these places, poor, with minimal health services that the world is at it’s most vulnerable. If a dangerous variant comes out from one of these places before their populations get good cover everyone could be at risk even those of us (like me and Mike) sitting with two jabs in our arms. It only takes one variant with resistance to our current vaccines and we’re bac
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