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  1. I see Ronnie's son, Russ, every day and can assure you that the family were happy with the applause. One of ronnie's best friends in football was Bobby Charlton whom you can be certain will be there on Tuesday. I for one am honoured that I have a collection of ronnie's photos on my wall at the royal oak which ronnie wanted people to see as opposed to keeping. I never met Ronnie, but his son Russ, is one of the kindest friendliest friends I have ever had.
  2. Hi David, Its simon here, any news pal, Im in egypt so im abit behind in everythin gouin on and i dont have enought time on the net to go thru everything

  3. Paul Round ? In my pub (Royal Oak) right now and approx 3 other nights every week ! ( Wonderful bloke btw)
  4. If anyone can tell me a better place to dine than The Royal Oak at Pleckgate I would be amazed. Top quality food, good prices and a pleasant atmosphere. Two of the best chefs in Blackburn too.
  5. Absolutely bang on Bryan if I'm not bothered about him telling me 'fibbers', why should other people be ? No matter what anyone says, he's a top bloke and why do Rovers fans feel they are entitled to dictate to a proffessional with a 10yr career span where he should play ? Is it only Rovers fans who are so insular ?
  6. Very very sensible post. I'd like to believe the offer did come after I spoke to him but he knows I post on here so who would blame him anyway for being cautious with a big money move looming ? As most people on here want to move on, lets do so.
  7. Takings are boosted every Sunday with those Blackcurrant and lemonades !!
  8. I still remembering laughing at the prospect ! Pubs going great on saturdays, did you not see me in last Fridays Telegraph ?? Rest of the week is a struggle but its the same for most pubs
  9. He wasnt exceptionally talented , just a high quality full back with two feet and the best chest back-passer in the Premiership. His athleticism was down to his professionalism and hard work put in daily. No coincidence that the two fittest players I've seen at Rovers are both Australian.
  10. A very ill informed charactar assassination. He is self confident, which most Aussies are, but is also a very generous, considerate and friendly person who goes out of his way to please fans and regularly does a hell of a lot more than many would find acceptable. As for the nasty challenge comment, says a lot more about you and your personality than your nonsensical drivel says about Lucas Neill.
  11. Possible Scenario Benni turns up for training and told to report to MH's office for a meeting about his behaviour this summer Rest of squad train as normal An informer notices Benni not training with the rest of the squad and makes a mistake Benni is told to go home, think about things and train with the rest of the squad next day (today) Only a guess but could have resulted in todays mis-reporting
  12. Strange little non-story this one Who told the BBC the nonsense then ? and why ?
  13. Not turned up for training yesterday according to Radio 5. The bloke is an arrogant idiot
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