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  1. Sorry ... for the non-geeks Husky wrote "Computers don't have feelings" in computer speak... and I replied "Thanks! That's ten minutes of my life I'll not get back." ... after translating it!
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  3. You are becoming more and more like your avatar, Zaphod. One head speaks sense ... ... and the other garbage ...
  4. I was shocked when I saw the article about this in today's LT. I was in the same year as Dominic at St Mary's College and our paths also crossed many years later at British Aerospace (as it was then called). Always stopped to pass the time of day whenever we met outside Ewood. RIP Dom.
  5. In this scenario (Barnsley tubbing Udders) where do you think Huddersfield will end-up?
  6. Always sad to hear of the passing of a fellow Rover. RIP Kelbo.
  7. Good shout ... I'd almost forgotten about her. Back in the day you would see her at most away games ... I even remember her at Llyon hobbling about on crutches. Where is she now?
  8. Sorry Gordon to labour a point, but you seem to be struggling with it. Both cletus and DE4life make interesting points about why drinking/ socialising habits are changing ... but these are generic to any city or town across Britain. The point of this thread is to discuss why Blackburn's nightlife apparently took a step change for the worse circa 10 years ago. The demographic profile did NOT take a similar step change at that time .... but the viable routes across the town centre did. I remember when the Mall was not only a through route but actually hosted watering hole of it's own (The Clarence). These FACTS may not fit your agenda, but that is what they are ... FACTS. By the way if you are after a good night out try Leicester ... soon to be the first predominantly Asian city in the UK ... And still a cracking night out.
  9. I was quite enjoying this debate ... shame really that your arguments ran out.
  10. Even taking into account the 50-50 split you have quoted, that is the equivalent of Blackburn having a population of 60,000 ... Still considerably larger than a lot of towns with a perceived livelier nightlife (Clitheroe for example). That is why your argument holds no water. As I said the main reason for the downturn in Blackburn's nightlife is that the clusters of pubs orbiting the Mall have become isolated due to access restrictions being imposed. Hopefully this issue can be addressed.
  11. C'mon Gordon, you can do better than that! Have another go. Tell me what is wrong with my (correct) analysis.
  12. Come on Gordon, you know very well that what you're implying isn't true. Nothing to do with demographics and everything to do with geography. There was no step change in the demographic profile of the town circa ten years ago, but what did happen was the rat-run across/through the Mall connecting the main clusters of pubs was closed. This was the sole reason for the demise of the town centre nightlife scene. Little did the planners back in the 60's know that what they were proposing ( including one of the largest night clubs in Europe) would half a century later strangle the town's night time economy. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Let's hope the old Market site can be developed with all this in mind.
  13. Very sad news. Paul always seemed to be involved in arranging trips as far back as I have been travelling to matches. From Northwitch Victoria away ( pre-season friendly mid 80's) to Salzeburg away (UEFA Cup) Paul was the man who made it happen. The club seems to be losing a lot of it's constants at the moment. RIP Paul.
  14. We have had two excellent dining experiences recently at MJ's restaurant at the Whitehall Hotel in Darwen ... A modern, bright, cosy dining room with a backdrop of a wooded hillside ... well presented traditional fare for the more discerning diner .... well worth a visit.
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