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  1. I want Brentford away. Then I get a nice local match to go to.
  2. Well after reading these comments, I signed up. Excellent Highlights, Interviews are a bit dull, Radio is good as I often can't listen to Rovers matches. Also I can use it on my home machines and my work one so you can use it on differents computers. In all I'm pretty happy with it. We'll see as time goes by.
  3. Hi I'm considering whether or not to sign up to Rovers World. But I'm wondering if it's actually any good? Do I get to listen to all of the games on Radio or just the Blackburn one. Or am I better off getting the Match Live radio thing??
  4. It would be really nice to get another goal and be comfortable. GOPOOOOOOOOAAALLLLLL
  5. MOM so far is Tugay. Has provided some excellent balls. Bentley is getting involved on the wing. Benni and Nonda are scaring the opposition up front.
  6. I think we should be able to beat them. Lucky we got them early on in the competition.
  7. Live UEFA Cup Football 7:15pm - 10:00pm British Eurosport VIDEO Plus+: 16147799 Live football action from the first round of the UEFA Cup as Blackburn Rovers take on Red Bull Salzburg at Ewood Park in the second leg.
  8. Well at least I'll be able to watch this one on TV
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