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  1. Would be nice if they could have the time and score on screen... Yesterday I checked the time remaining on livescore on my phone (to avoid minimising the screen) and due to a minute or so delay found out we conceded the equaliser
  2. According to livescore.com a certain 'R.D.Vita' scored for Swindon Town. I remember a Championship/Football Manager game where it seemed he would become a star! They cant get them all right, I guess.
  3. Not if he moves from us to, say, Everton, Fulham etc, has a good season and THEN gets signed by a top club.
  4. I think its time to give him a go even if it is on his own. I've blamed our midfield for our lack of goals from strikers in the past, but we have no excuses with hoilett creating chances left right and centre, olsson chipping in with crosses from the left wing, pedersen's set pieces are his only strong point this season, and dunn has contributed some killer passes. We've missed too many opportunities with the current lot of strikers who werent good enough to finish some good deliveries wether they were alone up front or even when we had 3 strikers at once on the field. Rochina alone or with
  5. Whats wrong with FIFA 11's judgement on a player's height ? And if the game gave him a P+ for strength then he might just actually be a strong fella.
  6. Was playing FIFA the other day and as I looked through the results of my search for cheap young talent I came accross Kevin Pezzoni. Looking at his stats its clear to see that he would have been a legend here had BS been in charge at his time at the club. He's 6ft4 and has a personality plus for strength. They dont just give those to anyone in the game and he is a relative nobody in the world of football, so its nice to see his 'talent' recognized. I also looked for the Keita we had in the ranks but no luck. Both were excellent prospects on FM together with Raffaele DeVita.
  7. Has it been mentioned that Francis Jeffers is training with Blackpool?
  8. Has it been mentioned that former Rover galactico Ben Burgess may be playing Premier League football next season ??
  9. Was recently playing FIFA 10 and had a cup match against swindon town. I knew Jonathan Douglas moved there but i was surprised to see former Rovers legend Gordon Greer starting.
  10. Cool. Thanks for the info, fingers crossed then
  11. Super Matt Jansen is yet to play a game for Leigh according to Wiki. At this rate he will never make the World Cup squad !
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