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  1. I’m in China and the website won’t load without a vpn probably because of something to do with Facebook or google
  2. But we were still allowed to bring players in on 10k a week, I remember then Birmingham manager Gary Rowett was quite envious of that. Do we have the budget to go up to or over that now or is it even worse?
  3. It seems especially mad even for Vs to be unhappy about wasting money yet keep the people who’ve wasted it. And then not to replace Mowbray with someone who is known to care for the club and has been brilliant working on an extremely tight budget in Ainsworth
  4. 1. No 2. gone by November, I think he would have gone last season if the fans had been there, he won’t be able to take the criticism 3. kaminski, he’ll need to be if Mowbray is here too long 4. 14th if we get a decent replacement manager 5. West Brom - good manager
  5. Isn't that part of the point? You can be outstanding when you are young but usually lack the consistency to do it week in week out. An 18 year old that be consistently good is not unheard of but pretty rare and centre back is not a position where you can hide on a bad day. I've not seen any of these young CBs so can't comment on them individually but tend to favour experience in this and the GK position more than anywhere else.
  6. If you live there you (and @JHRover) should know that Old Trafford is not and never has been in Salford!
  7. I don't really understand why anyone would have Gallagher in the team as he's been mostly very poor and Elliot has been mostly very good. Unless Elliot still needs a rest. Johnson has been quite good so I expect he will come back but i wouldn't be opposed to Trybull playing instead. I feel that Holtby and Rothwell benefit from playing together as they both require attention. Hopefully they will both be at their best and we will blow Barnsley away.
  8. JRC whilst he's shown that he is capable of doing a job there isn't a full back IMO and I worry that he's going to be exposed by a tricky winger. I'd much prefer to see him further foward. Hopefully he doesn't have too much to do defensively.
  9. The only one I'd be desperate to sign up ASAP is Nyambe, as I rate him and he's got lots of potential to improve but I do worry that it's taken so long already and him being dropped might make him reluctant. Obviously JRC needs singing up but in theory that should be too difficult. Holtby and Rothwell still have a bit to prove so can wait until nearer new year for me.
  10. You're more than entitled to your opinion but I'd be a little more reserved personally. If @Sparks Rover is to be believed, and i don't see why not, Mowbray and his scouting team have seen enough in him to have been following him for a while and meeting him twice this season, TM even hinted at interest himself. If the Swansea rumour is true they also think he could be worth. These two things seem to point to him having quite a bit of ability. I don't recall him much from the game or two i have seen him play so I will withhold judgement but if he's half the player Sparks think he is then I'd love to sign him. I'd presume he'd have to be a Venky special signing though which seems unlikely at the moment, and that Evans would probably need to go to Stoke (which may have happened if he was fit). I'd expect he's a lot better than Smallwood though, who though he played a role in League One, didn't impress me that much. I'm not a big fan of Johnson either though he does have some good games. End of the day though I'd be spending whatever I had (presuming it's not much) on a quality left back.
  11. Strong looking Bournemouth side with them able to leave Brookes and Billing on the bench I'd have preferred Evans to Johnson and a new left back to Bell but otherwise it is ok. Williams looked good with Lenihan in some games last season. I think he suffered against the more physical forwards so he might do alright. Was never impressed with Solanke but he might come good in the Championship. It will be a tough game no doubt but if we have the attitude we had after the first 20 minutes against Leicester then we have a chance of an upset.
  12. Good game, only preseason but encouraging all the same. I was a bit puzzled Wharton was out and Magloire was in but thinking about it Magloire is a right sided CB and maybe Mowbray sees him, for now, as Lenihan's backup. Williams in to add some experience perhaps. Williams played quite well for the most part but he did make a few mistakes including a couple of terrible passes which could have led to Leicester goals if they'd been more on it. Personally I do think he's a much better CB than left back. He had a good period of games partnering Lenihan pre Preston away I think but looked poorer with Adarabiyo and I think TM lost a little faith in him. Not sure what's going on with DW and TM still wouldn't be surprised to see him leave if we get one or two in but he can play well though I don't think he's quite the quality we need and I think he rates himself higher than backup. Interesting to see Bennett not appear much in preseason and today come on in midfield, hopefully means Nyambe will be signing a new contract soon as I rate him highly as quite a few here do.
  13. You may be right about the wages but to me part of the perception of Hanley is due to the fact he was a young player coming through that did make mistakes however by the time he left us I felt he had matured into an excellent centre back and one of the best in the Championship. More concerning is his injury record but I would hope if we do try and get him that we would have investigated that. If he's on 25k a week he might be amenable to lower wages with a longer contract or possibly Norwich might loan him and make a 5-10k contribution to his wage rather than have to pay all of it when he is not in their first team plans. All speculation of course but we do need a couple of top quality defenders.
  14. I haven't seen Hanley play that much since he left and he made some mistakes in his time here but in that 2015-16 season he was head and shoulders above as our best player and if he could replicate that form then he'd be a great signing. I don't know if he's a heavy drinker and that would be a bad thing but he was captain here and is captain at Norwich so presumably he does have some leadership qualities. If we could sign him and a quality left back I think that would huge boost for this season. Personally I'd rather go for quality over quantity in this window and use more of the young players as backup.
  15. The ifollow guy said the EFL decided video is for UK only, I'm in Shanghai
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