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  1. This could happen to any club at any time. It's not the fans or the club's fault it's down to 2 bad owners who have torn Bury FC to bits. How did they pass the fit to purpose test at the EFL? This could easy happen to Rovers, I feel the football family should stand by Bury FC and support them in every way possible and if that's a league return to league 2 then let it happen. Some clubs might be running well below them and have good owners at the moment but this does not mean this could change very quickly. Bury FC is one of the longest serving clubs in the football league and this club should not just be killed overnight.
  2. https://www.change.org/p/debbie-jevans-efl-efl-bring-back-bury-fc Please can everyone sign this who agrees to it.
  3. The EFL are thinking of letting Bury FC re-join league 2 next season. This must happen for football and every club in the league should support this. It's cruel and unfair Bury FC have been expelled from the league due to 2 bad owners. The club deserves another chance!!!!!
  4. Josh Vela ha ha, doubt we need any more central midfielders. Dack going nowhere unless a prem team comes in for him in January. Like to see a centre half in for cover then it will be a great transfer window for Rovers
  5. looks like it's loan deals for Rovers now. I reckon Chapman will join us on loan again and probably another forward on loan
  6. it's annoying if the Venkys have come up with the cash this window and we don't use it. Surely TM has other options lined up.
  7. Zach Clough is available and would be a good choice for Rovers. Can't see us winning the Freeman or Maddison race
  8. Benni has not been fit enough to warrant a run in the 1st team. When he has played, he has not put the effort or graft in, which the team needs (despite the wigan game, when he wanted to get his knees dirty for a change). We have been carrying him for to long now and its the right time to get rid of him!
  9. We should put in his contract that he can't play against us on saturday just to be on the safe side!!. I reckon Nelson will kick lumps out of him though, if fatty does play.
  10. has fatty not gone yet? I am glad to see the back of the lazy so and so, he was a great player when he 1st joined us, but sadly he got to big headed and has been a let down a long time ago now!!
  11. ha ha, the grounds will be half empty then. I have seen a lot of females (if you can call them females), cause trouble at football matches as well as men.
  12. On his day Benni is one of the best strikers in the league, but sadly for him and us, he can't produce his top form week in, week out and when he is off form, he does not offer the team anything.
  13. is all about money with Lucas, good player but does not deserve that wage packet!!
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