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  1. Does anyone know if the 1875 membership allows you to buy multiple tickets for a single game? TIA!
  2. Another thumping win for the Wire yesterday (0 - 60). At one point in the match there was a full-on brawl, actual punches thrown and it was staggering how quickly it was broken up, the players then moved into their packs and not a single player attempted to get a member of the opposition punished. The ref' in turn helped himself by dealing with any offender and not bottling it like any Premier League ref' would on one of the many occasions they are disrespected by Rooney et al. Salford's Willows stadium is a real throw-back by the way, it'll be good for them when their new ground by the Trafford Centre is finished, but it was very enjoyable on the terraces in the sunshine yesterday. Same can be said for Knowsley Road! Further to Koi's comments, anyone who is contemplating going to a RL game, get down and prepare for an eye-opening experience if you stand/sit at pitchside. High-impact, high-intensity and high-power!
  3. Keep the Sit-Down-Stand-Up debate out this thread Ladies and Gents. It isn't the issue at hand.
  4. Just to add my thoughts are with the family and friends of One of Our Own. Certainly hope Rovers hold a minutes silence on Wednesday so we're all aware of the senselessness that as taken place. Requiescat in pace
  5. How do you know that? Be careful not to start whispers as happened today...
  6. People can't seriously be having a go at Sam over Benni?!?!
  7. I don't know if it has already been posted, but what amount of Benni's goals for Rovers have come from the Penalty Spot?
  8. Benni's previous unprofessional and dedcation-free conduct has led to this being an issue. I don't really have much sympathy for him.
  9. It was nice to hear Th'Axe got a good reception when he was substitued. He certainly acknowledged it.
  10. Chances are, if it wasn't for the influence of Jack Walker I wouldn't be a Rovers supporter. The man lay the foundations for some of my best memories and I'm sure there are many individuals like me, not from the East Lancs region, who are staunch BRFC Ambassadors. So thank you Jack Walker for giving the small town team, poor on resources but rich with history and heritage, the financial muscle to compete with the Big City clubs in this modern-day climate in which financial muscle is crucial. (I'm still buzzing over yesterday! Bet Jack had the best seat in the house)
  11. not to get too far ahead, but i'm sure JW is considering such issues, i wouldn't be too opposed to Souness returning. I bet he has learnt lessons both from his last 18 months at Rovers and at St James'. He is a good manager, equally capable of good signings, Brad, Tugay, Neill, ok there were some Amoruso's and the one and only Grabbi, but if he applied, i reckon JW will have him on the short-list, after all it appears JW has had a wonderful working relationship with both GS and MH
  12. all i felt after reading that article is that football is the most corrupted institution out there given where it started. by nature it should be a socialist sport, all you need is a ball, gets very hard to throw your full support behind such hard pressed flowers
  13. i think it might have been on this board i read it, but i think where Chimbonda is from is one of the poorest and remote French islands, and the kind of poverty he grew up with has surely given him an understandable appreciation of the importance of money, in my opinion if that's his motivation then he's just a winner in capitalism isn't he?!
  14. I think we must not get ahead of ourselves. Top 10 for Rovers this term would be a great achievement.
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