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  1. Hopefully. I remember being abused at the bar at half time for having a yellow and black scarf on back in the Kean days 🙄
  2. Which is why Dullbray likes keeping his teachers pets around the team and sidelines anyone who may rock the boat.
  3. If only we had a manager that had some experience of defending, oh wait....
  4. So then.... Jaffa cakes - are they are a cake or a biscuit?
  5. Worse than Kean. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s mates with Anderson. Honourable lol. I’ve said for years that Dullbray is a nasty ****.
  6. He never has. He’s just very arrogant and very thick. Worse than Kean now.
  7. Me too. Seems to happen a lot recently. I missed a Friday night game last month(can’t even remember who we played) as I’d forgotten we weren’t playing on the Saturday. I used to get excited for every match, even when nothing was at stake.
  8. Shit. That’s the key stat in this game too according to King Tony!
  9. He’s probably thinking “those BRFCS wankers will still be saying I’m shit, even though I’ve shown great heading ability for a pacy winger!”
  10. Can’t do that until after 60 minutes. Its a Tony rule. He probably doesn’t usually worry about the time ticking away, he doesn’t look at the clock, maybe.
  11. OMG “it’s hard to put your finger on it” FFS it’s really not.
  12. iFollow “Harwood-Bellis is on a one man mission to keep Derby out” yep, the other 10 don’t look too fussed.
  13. “Team of Danny Murphy’s, we’ve got a team of Danny Murphy’s....”
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