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  1. I had a biscuit once in America and it was a scone! (Without wishing to derail the thread(!) is it scone or scon??).
  2. This is the burning question. Also, why do they seem content to keep flushing their money down the toilet whilst not paying attention and being so slow to react?
  3. I remember him locking the players in the dressing room when two teams got promoted at Ewood. Making them have a good listen and telling them to strive for that the following season. It worked! And oh god, the Citeh game. Was that Ashley Wards last match for us? And to think we’d end up with strikers worse than Our Ashley in recent years!!
  4. Maggot is using the boardroom as a make shift builders yard portacabin.
  5. You may actually be correct! You don’t expect anything as sophisticated as sarcasm on the Facebook groups. This next one is being serious though!
  6. Here’s a random quote “I think everyone needs to be patient with Mowbray, we’ve played really well yet again, we need to look at the positives, I think the young lads at centre back have been really solid, it’s all that right backs fault, we definitely missed Sam Gallaghers physicality today, did you know we have lots of injuries?”. a few want him out, a few saying the grass won’t be greener etc. 🙄
  7. We need all the Coventry Con Men out. It wouldn’t surprise me if Maggot put his mate Bob the Builder Venus in charge until the end of the season, should he actually sack his mate.
  8. And the fact he’s a liar, arrogant and never wrong. It’s never his fault...
  9. Watford defended as well as we have been doing. What a nobhead Tony the tosspot looks chirping away, like a cat that’s seen a bird in a tree. Like anyone is actually listening to his ineligible mumblings.
  10. I’ve always thought for a long time I’ve seen the toss pot barking out random grunts and no one seems to be listening.
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