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  1. That kit was definitely jinxed. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/6214992.bohinens-red-missed/
  2. I enjoyed the second the most, great to see some nice wing play with a good old fashioned cross. As @chaddyrovers said the fourth was also great, the front three combining well. Nice to see Gallagher using his height well, which he doesn’t always do, with a lovely knock down.
  3. Gallagher surprised me today too. I’m his biggest critic, especially after his shocker in his last match, but he did well today. Hopefully added confidence can push him on like Amigo Díaz!
  4. So happy for Big Ben, such a likeable lad and is a different player when he’s full of confidence.
  5. Was that the match were the pitch was half covered in snow and it turned out Lars Bohinen was colourblind and couldn’t see the red ball when it was on the green areas of the pitch? I think Sutton played as CB that day too? I loved the away kit that season, but I don’t think we won many games wearing it!
  6. Gallagher was so frustrating, so many forward moves broke down when the ball was played to him. Absolutely dog shit. Worse than Ashley Ward.
  7. We need wingers to play up front so we can play our forwards on the wing.
  8. He was a raw gem when we signed him, loads of potential. I don’t think this has been managed and nurtured enough.
  9. In previous seasons he’s been great at getting in good positions and then either passing it back or quite often not putting in decent cross. Maybe make a better defensive midfielder as he’s got bags full of energy and is a good footballer. obviously we’re not in a position to try this, he’s more likely to played as a permanent winger!
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