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  1. As I’ve said a million times, Mowbray isn’t a nice man. In fact he’s a lying scumbag, just like Steve Kean. Get him out of my club now.
  2. Inbreeding? Yep, but it is still is allowed to carry on in certain areas of the country.
  3. You should join the Facebook groups, you’d fit in there just fine 😉
  4. He won’t leave, the man is a stubborn, arrogant, hateful, thick tosspot.
  5. Go onto the Facebook groups, any negativity against Mowbray and you’ll receive abuse for being ungrateful and they’ll tell you the season isn’t over yet. It’s baffling how special they are in those groups.
  6. Don’t worry lads, the tactical genius manager will bring on Gallagher on the wing after 60 minutes.
  7. Jordan Rhodes used to get a lot of abuse too because he used to (only)score loads of goals.
  8. Can you imagine a Rovers documentary series? Maybe Tony’s subconscious thoughts spoken throughout like Peep Show. Surely someone in his back room staff would question his inept decisions on team selections/positions? Also, I don’t think he’ll walk. He’s not the nice guy many think he is. As I’ve said before I think he’s an arrogant nasty man on the quiet. Like Ed Sheehan and James Cordon.
  9. It’s a waste of a place. He’s done nothing the last two matches. Get Dolan on, he’s done more in 8 minutes in the last game than Gallagher has in a match and a half.
  10. Starting Gallagher again. Just sack this useless, stubborn dullard.
  11. And we’ll finish mid table again. It’s like the give a good go grinder Gary Bowyer days.
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