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  1. Gallagher was so frustrating, so many forward moves broke down when the ball was played to him. Absolutely dog shit. Worse than Ashley Ward.
  2. We need wingers to play up front so we can play our forwards on the wing.
  3. He was a raw gem when we signed him, loads of potential. I don’t think this has been managed and nurtured enough.
  4. In previous seasons he’s been great at getting in good positions and then either passing it back or quite often not putting in decent cross. Maybe make a better defensive midfielder as he’s got bags full of energy and is a good footballer. obviously we’re not in a position to try this, he’s more likely to played as a permanent winger!
  5. Can you imagine Souness snoozing in his chair all afternoon whilst we play? Souness was a winner, Tony is just a joke.
  6. So he isn’t involved in the Coventrio? He didn’t get his mate in, Waggot, who is trying to asset strip the club? The fact he talked about being honourable and then being anything but is enough for me. Not even mentioning how many times he’s called the fans out for apparently still living in the 90’s instead of explaining why the team is dysfunctional and always losing.
  7. I never do, or watch the videos, he makes me sick. He’s as bad as Kean. Actually he’s worse, he won’t walk like Kean did.
  8. They’re saying it’s the players fault and the manager hasn’t got any money to spend 🙄
  9. We could play the local pub team and he’d big them up.
  10. I was thinking the same thing and stopped after 20 seconds. I never watched a Coyle pre or post match video in his time here and I don’t think I’ll watch another one of that idiot manager of ours unless it’s when he gets sacked or leaves(not holding my breath).
  11. He’s probably pissed off that Ben’s the superstar of the club now
  12. Imagine if we could get a load of Ben’s new fans on board with a protest, fill the ground and try and force Mowbray/Venky’s out? We need to educate them before the Facebook/Twitter happy clappers brain wash them.
  13. Header against the bar from BB! So close.
  14. We definitely aren’t as good at it. I’ll never forget Rovers v Chelsea at Ewood, Zola was going away from goal, no chance of getting the ball and did a crazy dive with his foot trailing for 5 yards. Won a penalty.
  15. Anyone else unable to get get 4K UHD on iPlayer for this match? Was working earlier, but now it says to try again later.
  16. Probably because Suarez wants our Ben’s as well.
  17. Certainly is. His behaviour/words after we were relegated still make my blood boil.
  18. Didn’t know where to post this and didn’t want to start a new topic. Seems Bradley Orr is definitely as thick as we already knew.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-57322352
  19. Hopefully. I remember being abused at the bar at half time for having a yellow and black scarf on back in the Kean days 🙄
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