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  1. I think a good example of this is Roy Keane. Kicked out pretty much from World Cup and Man U for speaking out.
  2. Kenny speaks the truth. Even their Captain thinks he cant manage. It just gets better and better all the time. Just think Cunningham has played under Mick McCarty and Steve Bruce, he should be made a saint for not either killing them or ending up playing like a cabage. link
  3. Very quized over Jansen. The few games he played for Rover under Hughes he played ok! (I think correct me if I am wrong). Plus the reports/ratings from his Botlon games always showed he play well. Even when we sent him to Coventry he go on well. What is wrong with him? Does he wrong into the wrong space now? Does he not Run? Has he lost some Pace? Can he not shoot? Can he not Pass? Is he incapable of make a tackle? What is wrong with Jansen? Maybe Man city will sign him now, as they nearly sign him in January. They can have Dickvo too and have Jansen, Cole and Dickvo up front.
  4. Sorry, my error, saw arricle in Sun rag about Brad leading US. Never believe or read the Sun. Lesson learned. oppps guess he can play
  5. Break for WC players for next season as they have shorter summer. were still strong enough to win. Man city have no midfield Enckelman (Brad Rest for WC) Taylor (Give him a run) Zurab (Not inWC, playing well) Amo (Fill the gap, for Neill going to WC) Gray (Not going to WC, playing Ok) Bentley (needs more games,) Mokoena (needs first team football) Savage (Not, going to WC) Peter (Needs experience, plus MGP has not played well since Spurs game) Pongo (Final look) Kuqi (Bellers 'back' to take summer break) Subs: Dickvo, Gallagher, Emerton, Watt, Lee (GK)
  6. NO were in, However Talksport did no tsay the same on sat
  7. Good read P With Nelsen out, what can we do? (a Let Amo, Axe, Kuqi say bye with a goal each Brad Neill Amo Zura Gray Axe Reid Tugay Savage Kuqi Bellers (b Kept the same but remove MGP as he is tried, bless Brad Reid Neill Zura Gray Bentley Tugay Savage Peter Flick Bellers (c If you play seconds so do we! Brad Neill Amo Zura Gray Emerton Axe Savage Bentley Kuqi Dicko Any ideas what the Chelsea team will be?
  8. Well there goes 5th. Gunners 3 - 0 against Sunderland
  9. Cant believe there is more intrest in the Man city game than this one at the moment. We can asure Europe here and also beat the top team in the England. Come on
  10. I feel I made some good points! And of course is the answer to your question, Brum go down and Newcaslte draw and we win.
  11. With Brum gone now, who do in the top flight do I dislike now???
  12. He is a class act sure, did not not say that he wanted to stay with brum even if they went down, to pay them back for sticking by him??? Forsell ten times the player of Heskey.
  13. How should we approach this game? (A Do we play the game we have played all season? (balance) (B Go all out attack for the lead? (C Or Defend big time and hit on the break (like last season)? I go option (C and start with Bellers up front on his own. With Axe in for Pong. Is Nelson going to be fit??? Should we rest Tugay? No We could also give Kuqi a chance up front and bombarding the Box, resting Bellers for the City game. This is a big game for the players but an even big for MH. Chelsea have better player, but can MH out think the Special One? There is a couple of good points to look to. we have very few players going to the WC so injury is not on the players mind, unlike Chelsea, who seen Rooney go off yesterday, might be on there mind. This is why Kuqi may be a good idea/rough them up? Plus their season is over. Plenty to think about!
  14. Ahh the poor guy, its the worst feeling in the world, lets all hope they bounce back and come back up at the first attempt.
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