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  1. Same here, stopped watching last weekend. I really want to support these players, but I can't condone the way the manager has acted this past month. Wonder what the figures for iFollow were today...
  2. My predicted TM interview "We were close to getting that equaliser but it just didn't bounce for us. "We've got 4 cb's out and tonight we've got two young guys who found it difficult. "We were so close to a point in the game and had chances to get it, the performance was good. "I've told you before I'm performance related, and if we play like we did in the second half, we'll be alright."
  3. Feels like it would be too good to be true, but from TM's comments himself, there is pressure coming from someone, somewhere. But if we saw the removal of SW firstly; that is one step forward in any circumstance. The mere fact that TM practically recommended his mate for the job has never sat right with me, despite the decent job I think SW has done. But where is TM's accountability? Here's hoping 🙏
  4. Don't think anybody is arguing with you in appreciating the job Tony did in reviving this club. He without doubt has brought a little bit of hope and glory these past few years and I wholeheartedly thank him for that. But being a football manager is not like any other job in the world, it is a job where you are only as good as your last game. Fact is, this past year he's started to undo all his good work. I've started to forget all his past achievements. Fickle ey? That's football, that's this industry, the job. It's one that is like no other, the salary compensates how fickle I can
  5. I believe a decent manager would get 10-15 goals a season out of Gallagher.
  6. Might this be to replace the outgoing Chris Rush?
  7. "There could be, you never know," chuckled Mowbray. "We're three centre-halves down and there is a fair chance we're working hard behind the scenes, so let's wait and see. "Keep your eye on it, is what I would say. Keep your eye on this space and see if anything materialises." Guess we'll wait and see...
  8. Was nice while it lasted, unless it's Rovers playing hardball...
  9. I would question Ayala, not him personally, but his injury record. And why he was brought in to be one of our three main CB's, alongside Lenihan and Williams who are also injury prone. I'm not one to criticise Mowbray but we really needed a CB who we can play 38 league games, minimum. Injuries are part of football, but itwas madness to bring in a CB with Ayala's record considering the his competition.
  10. This is a guess, but I believe the 2nd commentator is just a media guy. Not actually a former footballer with an insight into the game, which is bizarre. A lot of clubs take the local BBC radio output, the club would be best served following suit...
  11. Didn't realise you could watch midweeks on red button!! Cheers. Much rather watch that than the OTT partial iFollow commentary team. Absolutely dreadful.
  12. What the hell is the point of a message board like this then? That's what fans do, theorise....
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