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  1. ... not a fan of using Hendry, few too many misdemeanours on his record, including a charge of assaulting his ex. Also feel the kit is pointless.
  2. Nice work, the homepage looks clean, simplistic and easy to navigate. Enjoyed the TM 'Cut out and Keep Guide'...
  3. I've never been so unenthused for a new season, but Billy Barr leaving surely isn't that much of a surprise? Nor does it show 'all is not well' behind the scenes... He's an u23 manager who is being given the chance, albeit at a lower level, to work in first-team football. Something most coaches normally strive for.
  4. Not shooting you down at all but I don't believe it, two things stick out to me that don't add up. Kean was a disgrace, but I don't believe he would turn up drunk. It doesn't fit the profile before he joined the club, he was a very well respected coach. I severely doubt he would rock up to training inebriated. He was just a terrible manager. When were said coaches not allowed to go and watch players? That has been the case anyway for the last 15 months. We have certainly heard before the pandemic of scouts going to games across Europe. Even TM has suggested in the past that it was important that players were watched before any major judgements.
  5. All valid questions absolutely. I remember the first game streamed on iFollow in September last year, think it was Bristol City. They simply couldn't handle the amount of traffic and it all went down for 10/15 minutes. I hope they are going to be prepared for every risk. And you're right about us paying for a downgrade, if this is that they will learn very quickly how the social media audience can trash a platform.
  6. Technology is A LOT more advanced than 10 years ago. Yes it requires an experienced team, but the simplicity of streaming to fans has never been easier in what is a streaming-led digital world. I work in broadcasting. And I don't have any say in this operation, just a bystander who is intrigued to see what they produce.
  7. I think it does make sense. There is not a lot of managers out there who are of the calibre we require and will come? Perhaps they are waiting patiently for that manager to come along, and are not just willing to fire and hire. TM is not my option, but he is over a panic manager signing like Pulis. Begs the question, if it's true, who was the manager and what calibre of manager are they looking for? Another interesting aspect of this summer will be recruitment. I've said before I don't think TM is in charge of that and proof will be in the pudding if we see Pickering/Kaminski type signings as opposed to Ayala/Douglas. If that was the case, would add up to the theory that TM is only here whilst they source a high calibre replacement. This is all guesswork based on what gets posted on here sometimes so don't take this as someone who does not want TM gone. But I can see the value in keeping him until they get the right appointment.
  8. Rothwell leaving is good news for me. Move him on if we can. I find his inconsistency frustrating. It is players like him who give us false hope. His moments of brilliance are rare, I can only remember 4/5 occasions where he has produced something of significance and the data we are being led by could suggest this. Happy to be proved wrong.
  9. Bennett staying, on a (hopefully) much reduced wage, would be fine for me. Needs to be dropping to at most 5k a week however.
  10. Duly noted regarding "its too easy sometimes to simply criticise from the sidelines." I would wholly agree and accept that my first point was harsh. I do genuinely hope this works. The objective of the letter seems to send the message that we, the fans, need better and consistent communication from Venky's. Let's see if they respond.
  11. It is poorly written in language and structure. Only my opinion of course, but I say that as someone who writes for a living. More importantly, the objective is not clear either nor does it offer any form of solution. Letters as such only serve to undermine their cause.
  12. That seems to be the ultimate winner here. He has it, in abundance.
  13. If he is here to stay, I don't think he'll be making the signings, and he will accept that. He's lost a lot of his clout with the owners and, to keep his job, he will do as he's told when it comes to recruitment. That is why the players who are leaving this summer, know they are leaving and that decision has gone above TM, i.e Johnson, Evans, Holtby, Downing and Bennett. Fact is, results aside, he's proved himself unreliable in his recruitment. Breo and Gallagher outweigh Dack and Arma. Ayala outweighs, well, there hasn't been a successful permanent defensive signing in his tenure. Kaminski wasn't TM. It appeared, in fact, in January he was in the dark about the Pickering signing, so that process has already begun. So, he can discuss transfers all he wants, but he knows that he isn't in control of it. Rightly so.
  14. Most decent (ethically and tactically) managers will hold their hands up. This from a National League manager, and yet TM has never once put his arrogance to one side. I'm absolutely disgusted.
  15. Think if TM is replaced, it will be a Head Coach, and therefore any recruitment process will have already started using the new department set up. Kaminski and Pickering are the fruits of that labour so far and will be the system going forward. It appears (I have no ITK knowledge btw) that TM will pay the price for poor signings such as Ayala and even Douglas. Those were his deals and he effectively has shown the owners that he should not be in charge of who the club signs. I would agree.
  16. This. Sheffield United do it and it works very well. BBC Local Radio is great for a lean towards our sides without being overly biased.
  17. It's really awful coverage, never have I seen two media guys be a commentary team. I'd rather it was just one of them rather than a fan in the analysis chair. It's incredibly sub-standard.
  18. Same here, stopped watching last weekend. I really want to support these players, but I can't condone the way the manager has acted this past month. Wonder what the figures for iFollow were today...
  19. My predicted TM interview "We were close to getting that equaliser but it just didn't bounce for us. "We've got 4 cb's out and tonight we've got two young guys who found it difficult. "We were so close to a point in the game and had chances to get it, the performance was good. "I've told you before I'm performance related, and if we play like we did in the second half, we'll be alright."
  20. Feels like it would be too good to be true, but from TM's comments himself, there is pressure coming from someone, somewhere. But if we saw the removal of SW firstly; that is one step forward in any circumstance. The mere fact that TM practically recommended his mate for the job has never sat right with me, despite the decent job I think SW has done. But where is TM's accountability? Here's hoping 🙏
  21. Don't think anybody is arguing with you in appreciating the job Tony did in reviving this club. He without doubt has brought a little bit of hope and glory these past few years and I wholeheartedly thank him for that. But being a football manager is not like any other job in the world, it is a job where you are only as good as your last game. Fact is, this past year he's started to undo all his good work. I've started to forget all his past achievements. Fickle ey? That's football, that's this industry, the job. It's one that is like no other, the salary compensates how fickle I can be though so don't feel too sorry for him. We can't sit back and allow our club to stagnate based on previous performance. Football simply does not work like that anymore.
  22. I believe a decent manager would get 10-15 goals a season out of Gallagher.
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