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  1. Wow! I’m loving all this because he made it all happen himself. The boy deserves everything good coming his way.
  2. This is the problem of not having a proper CEO, most managers will keep spending until someone stops them. As any Armstrong money will go to fix FFP for the next cycle, it doesn’t matter if we sell him at one minute to midnight on deadline day.
  3. Despite the house rule on here that everything has to be awful all the time, there was a lot to like about that. I love that the first time I see two youngsters, they combine to score against Dirty Leeds.
  4. Definitely not mine, but witnessing only 5 promotions in 55 years of support tells me that expecting/demanding promotion is very likely to end in disappointment, especially with owners who don’t know what division we are in anyway. Staying up and hoping that will take us a year closer to an end to this nightmare will do for me.
  5. The game is played much faster with higher intensity now, so more muscle injuries. Jim Brannigan was never going to pull his hamstring as Nyambe does because he never went down the wing and never had to race back.
  6. Thanks for posting that Chaddy. Always interesting to hear the real inside stuff. Danny Graham certainly doesn’t think Mowbray got us relegated, sounds like it was a night/day transformation when he came in. DG certainly had his gripes with TM, but it all sounds to have been handled in an adult fashion, or as much as football ever gets adult.
  7. Me too. The first three things I learned to shout at a match were “Get stuck in!” “Get rid!” and “Give it Eamonn!”
  8. He also says he wasn’t fit and, when he did come on, wasn’t good enough. Call me old-fashioned, but those are two fairly reasonable reasons for not giving a player starts at the time.
  9. It’s hard to follow evolving plot lines on here, given that losing him was a bad thing and now signing him is a bad thing, but, given any player with an ounce of potential would do anything to get away from the Moggasaurus, I’m unclear if this means that Chapman is a gifted player who can’t wait to blossom under ANO Manager or, in fact, a brainless oaf, unwanted by other clubs, who couldn’t give a shit about his career other than making a few more quid?
  10. Personally, I prefer the one where Mowbray has morphed from someone who only bought duds to someone who has bought an succession of fabulous players who only look duds because of how he uses them! I’ve watched both of Ben’s Copa appearances and seen pretty much exactly how he was at the start of the season in essentially the same role. Of course, it probably helps having Chile’s golden generation around him as opposed to our lot. I get the impression it’s more his personality and what he’s done to get there this summer that has won the Chilean nation over rather than his footballing prowess.
  11. Since the day he got here it seemed that Ben was the main recipient of dressing room bantz from Dacky, Danny and the lads. And the big goof seemed to take it all in uncommonly good spirit, but I wonder if endless, merciless piss-taking might have held him back. Last summer he beefed up and was generally worth his berth in the team I thought. Now, this summer, to fly on your own to the other end of the world, join a squad of internationals that you have never met before, probably never even seen more than one or two of them play before, be with them for weeks in end, and not speaking a word of the language, takes a lot of balls for a 22-yr-old. So, when Ben comes back, I hope he’s a different man in the Rovers dressing room. By scoring a winning goal in a top international tournament, being on the same pitch as Messi, and adored by a nation, he’s achieved more than anyone else in the dressing room has or ever will. He should have the mentality his is now the first name on the team sheet, any piss taking is answered with “so what did you do this summer?”, and grow mentally as much as he did physically.
  12. Soon to be followed by the usual Mercer they are bust / can’t afford it / we are fooked post first seen in 2012
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