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  1. Bloody Hell, Jim! Mulvaney, Darling, Metcalfe side by side on the back row starting second left, Wilson and Rogers RHS front row. Arthur Fryer in the suit? And the keeper looks in his mid-50s!
  2. I’m beginning to doubt there’ll ever come a time when you don’t confidently predict their imminent tipping point. Personally, I haven’t met many Indian multi-billionaires so can’t say I know how they think.
  3. I made a point of keeping my eyes on him, he’s a real talker and organiser to everyone around him. I was impressed.
  4. Of course he is going. Would a manager planning for next season bring on two midfielders with a combined age of 69 - both of who are leaving - in the last game? I think everything he has said and done the last few weeks has been about burnishing his legacy IMO.
  5. Totally agree. But, Mowbray or not, that promotion team would be as dominant over the current one as it was over Burnleh.
  6. Great watch that Souness team - I wouldn’t put any of the current squad ahead of any of them.
  7. Maybe some of them aren’t going to push on under anyone; I’d be amazed if Lenihan and Rothwell have another gear in them. The only real complaints a player can have about his manager when it comes to hindering the realization of his potential are not being picked, being played out of position or playing a system that doesn’t suit the players strengths imo. After that, it’s mostly up to the individual. Can skills be polished? Of course, Federer has a coach. But can coaching make the majority of average players above average? I think not. And if all these players have been having their
  8. I don’t disagree, but defending is easy when everything is going well in front of you. Good off the ball defenders have a nose for danger, anticipate and block off runs, know when to come inside and when not. I think Nyambe gets a lot of those decisions badly wrong no matter why the situation arose.
  9. Mind reader as well, eh? Too many people IMO conflate Nyambe with their (or others’) views of the manager. I don’t rate Nyambe because I don’t rate his positional awareness. So many goals this season from his side where he has been in no man’s land, he rarely seems to know who is around him. His big strength is one-on-one attacking and defending, both of which catch the eye, but his defending off the ball is poor to abysmal.
  10. Hunter, Knighton and Rogers would transform the current team.
  11. Should’ve got Coddington. I was expecting to see Mick Wood but maybe he came through the season after. Never heard of Ray Charter, did he ever play?
  12. A couple of guesses: Back: D/K, Conlon, Fryatt, D/K, Martin, Mulvaney Middle: Hunter, Knighton, Kopel, Barton, Blacklaw, Sharples, Sir Keith Front: Connelly, Wilson, Hill, Darling, Eamonn, Mekky, Atherton
  13. Brereton was an interesting watch today. He made really good, intelligent runs for his first chance that was saved for a corner, his goal, and his assist for Armstrong. But his shooting technique for his two great chances was God-awful, as it usually is. If it was the other way around I’d be more hopeful of getting our money back.
  14. Missed sitters, laughable final balls from Brereton and Rothwell, weak fullbacks, Evans - quite the journey.
  15. My reading also. I interpreted the dallying over new contracts as “let the next guy decide”.
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