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  1. Didn’t there used to be a much higher ratio of visitors to posters?
  2. I get the impression having seen £20 million turn into most likely nothing with the Dack situation, that has put the owners off long lucrative contracts to protect future transfer values.
  3. Classic picture. Johnson late to the party, Joe watching how it’s done and a four-legged CH with unnaturally long arms unable to do anything other than unsight the keeper.
  4. If he’s in demand, someone will offer a fee in Jan rather than risk not getting him in Summer. Personally, I think his injury record and lack of goals/assists will put some off. Assuming he stays injury-free…
  5. I think it’s mistake to assume that players share the same motivations and opinions as fans. Each of Lenihan, Rothwell and Nyambe will have their own reasons for holding out thus far, but I’d be amazed if high on all their lists is wanting to get away from Mowbray. Lenihan - first name on the team sheet if fit in a Championship club. His next contract - combo of wage and length - will define the rest of his career income. I’m guessing he sees this is the one to make the jump from ex-youth player to going-rate player. Maybe he thinks if the Scottish gargoyle can be at a club that bounces from Championship to Prem and back again then so can he. Rothwell, now picked every game in what he says is his favoured position. Nearly 27, so this contract is now or never for him. Trouble is he does two things really well - running with the ball and set pieces - which just about contribute enough goals between them, but he’s rubbish defensively. So I’m not sure anyone better than us will play him as a starter in centre mid. He’ll no doubt shine running at the Arbroath defense and maybe if Rangers pay him enough that’s what he wants. Nyambe, again does two things really well: running past players and stopping them running past him. But, against that he has an injury record and what I think is one weakness - spacial awareness. It’s not like we don’t concede goals from his side, but the ones we do aren’t where someone got past him, it’s the ones who avoid him. Too often, he has no idea where his man is. Equally, he has no idea where our men are when he gets into promising positions. You can certainly coach a player to look more - apparently that’s all Messi does for the first ten mins of every game - but looking isn’t seeing. However, the manager clearly doesn’t rate him and his strengths are top notch so I think offers will come in and he should accept the best one. Bottom line: I think we’ll meet Lenihan’s demands, sell Nyambe in Jan, and Rothwell will run his contract out and end up nowhere better.
  6. But only one can get him, so there would be competition.
  7. I think his point was there have been no bids for Nyambe at any stage.
  8. Whereas Rothwell, a much better central midfielder, stemmed the flow in the second half, got in tackles, put his foot on the ball, slowed things down, sprayed passes around…
  9. If you think Rothwell will ever be a Premier League regular, I’ll have what you’re drinking.
  10. If Rothwell is such a misused genius then I wonder why, as his contract winds down, there hasn’t been an Adam Armstrong rush for his services beyond a Nixon flyer about a move to Rangers? And as to all these chances he creates that get fluffed, he is the main culprit - pisspoor shot for the most part. An average of two goals a season for an attacking midfielder is awful, and he wasn’t much more prolific at Oxford - he’s only scored 16 goals in his entire career! And if he wants to play as one of two centre mids, which he says he does, it’s be nice to learn how to close down and tackle.
  11. For that to be true, they would have to be paying a tax rate of 100% on profits elsewhere: losses are offset against profits, not the tax paid on profits. Plus there are plenty of ways to generate a loss in a P&L that don’t involve waving goodbye to cash. Cash flow and profit/loss are two very different things. For someone to keep losing this much cash, they must either be so rich they don’t notice/care (there are people who buy $200 million yachts and then don’t use them) or so proud they will never admit a mistake.
  12. While it’s a mystery why they continue to find a chronically loss-making enterprise brought about entirely by their idiocy, there’s no mystery financial shenanigans behind it all IMO. These aren’t paper losses, this is cold hard negative cash flow - £180 million and counting has been sent over, given to BRFC mostly in exchange for worthless share certificates, and paid out to a massive cast of not good enoughs.
  13. IMO, no agent worth his salt would decide the next four year’s contract for his player based solely on who the manager was today. The average club will have three managers during four years. Even Venkys aren’t going to leave Mowbray in situ till 2026. Anyway, I thought we were getting the PNE reject any day now.
  14. Personally, after Huddersfield and with the two right-sided defenders out, I’d have put Travis and Davenport in front of the back four, and Dolan out right as he puts in a defensive shift. Edun in front of Pickering looked good enough. I love Rothwell’s schoolyard dribbles as much as anyone but, when we don’t have the ball, I feel we are playing with one centre mid., and a not very disciplined one at that.
  15. Two awful goals and not just Maglore at fault. Ayala’s header for the first was poor, the guy it went to was in acres of space as our centre mids were AWOL (I seem to be the only one who thinks that’s a common occurrence when Rothwell is one of them), Maglore was sucked in toward the player but not aggressively enough, then Ayala got done too easily. The second I thought was mainly Pickering’s fault for leaving his man at the back post completely unmarked, it’s not like the move was a quick breakaway. A lot of the above faults were on display at Huddersfield in the first 10-15 mins when we should’ve been 3-0 if they could finish.
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