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  1. I remember seeing Status Quo supported by Bachman Turner Overdrive in either 73/4
  2. Comfortable three points in the end. I thought the subs after the goal really worked well, negated Warnocks man-marking strategy against Elliott and Rothwell. 8th place after the run we have had and with 21games to go isn’t yet a wasted season
  3. Cracking cross field ball out to Nyambe which started the move, Douglas was it?
  4. So many holier than thou comments. A man who has worked his entire life in the second most venal industry after drug smuggling doesn’t tell the truth when he is clearly scrambling to keep his job? Shocking! The average person lies once every ten minutes of talking, and he gets interviewed almost every day of the week, so that must be ten porkies a week every week. Mowbray is just not very good, failing against his stated target, and putting lipstick on the pig that is his journey. Nothing to see here.
  5. Dream on guys. I’d be flabbergasted if they canned him. The mistake most people make (IMO) is two-fold. Firstly, assuming that the owners have the same objectives as the fans, and secondly, the old chestnut of “it has to be this year or we’ll lose Armstrong/Rhodes/Shearer/Speedie/Field/Pickering...” The owners would probably be delighted to cash in on Armstrong (assuming they even know who he is), and we lose our best players no matter where we finish, or who is the manager. The view from Pune is very different to the view from the Riverside.
  6. I agree. This squad of players is miles behind our previous promotion teams I’ve seen, not even close: too inconsistent and no win at all costs types. Each of them on their day can look decent but no-one looks decent more than two games running. Look at Holtby, real class today but how long is it since he played as well, plus he hasn’t scored for a year.
  7. Worst half I can remember since forever. Playing with nine men doesn’t help but everyone has been poor. Nyambe won’t be joining anyone in summer with set-piece defending like that. The folly of none in the front four being over 5’6” is manifested in not being able to make the ball stick up front and not having enough height to mark their big players from corners.
  8. What that shows is a strong correlation between final position and average gate: e.g. from 9,600 to 5,800 1985 vs 1986. It was ever thus prior to Jack.
  9. Personally, I always preferred the livery of the Darwen buses. We lucky people in Tockholes were served by both, albeit highly infrequently.
  10. I would say they were Riverside central section; the outer sections were benches and I seem to recall the backs of the Nuttall St stand seats were curved, it being for posh folk (and pensioners by the Darwen End).
  11. Rothwell is the last player I’d bring on when defending a 1-0 lead, gives the ball away too much, even though he played the pass for Dolan.
  12. Well done the defence not allowing a single effort on goal, Douglas looked very good for once. Plenty to like about Trav and Davenport, but pretty piss poor from everyone else till the new Ronaldo came on and made the second.
  13. Going back to the will he walk point: 1) I believe he said he’d walk away if HE felt he couldn’t take the club forward, as opposed to if posters on here felt so. 2) Given that he is diagnosed daily on here as being delusional, that may well apply to his view of his own abilities. 3) There’s a big difference between walking away from penniless, ground-less League 2 Coventry (as was) versus walking away from the mighty, well-funded Rovers of hallowed Ewood Park. He’s here till he’s fired.
  14. Some of us can remember when you were the newbie, Stuart.
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