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  1. Even stranger when they played exactly where they usually play, except after Dolan went off. Excellent day all round. Clayton Left Boot’s son can already start spending his enormous Diaz jackpot I think. Thought Carter did very well when he came on against a team of giants.
  2. Excellent half. Two great goals then the world’s first goal to have assists from four different defenders. Buckley two seconds ahead of everyone else on the field. I’m yet to see much evidence of McCarthy’s technical superiority, Tockholes Farmers Lads 11 played with more finesse than this lot.
  3. He’s not even in the top 25 all-time top scorers in the English top division, so not quite an all-time great yet.
  4. 6th, clean sheet, good effort but not enough quality especially upfront. Trav and Bucko fought hard today I thought.
  5. Nondescript half. Travis having his best game for a while and I’m liking Pickering more. Great 1-on-1 save by Kaminski after Lenihan was nutmegged. Rothwell needs to do a lot more for a centre mid given he can’t defend and very rarely scores. Could go either way.
  6. Missed the first half, which seems a blessing. I like how Ayala at corners has little Dolan right in front of him and pushes him into DA’s marker - gave him the space for his excellent header. Diaz’s goal looked good but most teams won’t let him take four touches before shooting. Infuriating last few minutes when both Diaz and Rothwell lost the ball in midfield trying to dribble and both times Hull were able to run with the ball at our centre halves - lucky nothing came of those.
  7. Took him the first 32 mins to pass to a teammate. Worst performance by a number 9 I can ever recall seeing, John O’Mara territory, and a brain-dead manager did for us, along with a classic Graham/Dack goal at the death.
  8. Those were the days when the centre forward was the best footballer in the team. Gallagher is one of the worst.
  9. Well they need to get a move on given your prediction we will be in Admin by Christmas!
  10. Amazing it never occurred to Nyambe or his agent to inform the host of clubs eager to sign him that he wasn’t actually injured.
  11. Who knows what goes on but, personally I’m not sure just how valuable these assets are versus what might be the cost of keeping them. The Dack saga showed that player assets can plummet in value while the cost of keeping them always has to be paid. Have we even had one offer, ever, for Nyambe? In his last year, where is the Armstrong-like rush of interest? I’m not sure I’d fork out on a multi-year, multi-million contract on him if it were my money tbh.
  12. I thought Brereton swerving rightwards at the last second turned a clearance into an error, and also prevented the ref from giving a foul as the two would’ve clattered had Brereton kept straight on.
  13. Especially when another 22 clubs/managers won’t get promoted either.
  14. ….after a ball he miscontrolled. Does anyone ever get excited when he gets the ball?
  15. Surprisingly watchable second half. I thought Ben did brilliantly for the goal, Carter is a revelation, Gallagher as useless as ever.
  16. Gave away a goal, held our own for 46 mins pretty well then undone by a very good attacking move. But you can see the difference between their players and ours: bigger, older, stronger and better. I don’t know why everyone thinks Clarkson is playing as a false 9, he’s clearly playing a good 10 yards behind Gallagher and Ben.
  17. Two disappointments for me tonight. I don’t think Gallagher will be any more effective in the middle than out wide. He can’t control a ball with any part of his anatomy, can’t beat a man, has no tricks, and his heading is weak and directionless. Oh, and a bloke six inches shorter pushed him around. Rothwell - fabulous bit of skill to set up Bucko, but he could have had four assists for them losing the ball needlessly in the middle of the park with us pushing forward.
  18. Well, this isn’t going to the BRFCS script is it? An excellent, deserved win. I thought Carter had a great game and did brilliantly for the second goal.
  19. Glad it’s not just me. He seems to make every throw in arrive at someone’s midriff or armpit.
  20. Carter terrific, Butterworth really good, Chapman rubbish.
  21. They’d do even better with Coyley or Wee Duggie as manager…
  22. I am by no means convinced the failure to tie Nyambe and Lenihan down to long-term contracts is down to incompetence. Given their time in the first team, and when they signed their last ones, they must both have been on decent money, certainly well above the likes of Travis and the like. Apart from Dack, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were now in our top five earners. Offering increased terms over several years actually commits the club to cumulatively huge future outlays, given how contracts are essentially unbreakable for clubs. There’s clearly a target been set on what the wage bill must come down to, and the Dack experience has shown “protecting asset value” by long expensive contracts is by no means a certainty. With three young centre halves in and around the squad, plus JR-C and Pike (??) coming through, maybe India has decreed it’s not worth committing to several million over the next four years for maybe, at best, several million in transfer fees for Nyambe/Lenihan.
  23. Sums up SG for me: first touch a bobble, second touch takes him too wide, misshits his shot.
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