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  1. I want Mowbray to go as much as most on here, just for a change from the staleness. However, odds are against him now aren’t they… If this is true, for him to have best chance of success, he needed backing with a striker. He wasn’t, so chances are he will do worse, not well enough to be backed and is gone at end of season. The crux: if true, the above is almost inevitable. So why wait another year for the inevitable, malaise set in, watching player contracts run down so assets that could be important for future success with a new manager disappear for free so the job for the next guy in is even harder? such a frustrating club to support, jeez.
  2. I would have thought running out of actual shirts to stick the name on would be more of a problem 🤷‍♂️
  3. I hate ‘false 9’ with a passion. Another nail in the coffin of football as I loved it
  4. Interested why Eastham is now backup GK? What’s happened to Pears and the Greek lad?
  5. And then choose a formation to play based on these players who will sod off a year later. Beyond short-sighted
  6. I’ve bought loads of dvds off one chap I found online - he is A Rovers fan as well. Even ones that weren’t officially released he has made with copies of MOTD etc. I could dig out his email address for anyone interested - send me a DM
  7. Anyone in the least bit excited? ‘meh’ would sum my emotions up.
  8. Tony’s not interested in goals against. 1, 3, 5, it doesn’t matter to him.
  9. If an embargo is true, will be time for some of the promising u23s to finally step up. Not necessarily a bad thing. Cleanse the club, start again and build a young team to be proud of. No more money-thieves like Corry Evans. on a side note, the daily mail website is horrendous, just like its journalism.
  10. Living in Shropshire with 3 youngsters I could never get one anyway, but I will not attend any more games with him in charge or watch any on tv. complete waste of 90 minutes of my life and totally apathetic to it all. next managerial appointment, whenever that may be is the breaking point for me Rovers-wise. Can’t imagine even saying that for a club which has been such a huge part of my life but it’s true. If it’s some one who I can get behind then I will be at the first game I can. if it’s the opposite than sadly it would be much easier, and more fun, just to walk over to the New Meadow and just watch a game of football, sadly one I would not be overly invested, but be able to leave all feelings about it there and just get on with the weekend.
  11. Oh to have a team full of these men again; one to be proud of. The Hughes years were golden. We could give anyone a run for their money.
  12. Who’d it be emailed to? There’s no-one left. Gone are the days when John Williams would read it and invite you in for a chat. No doubt this would now fall under the remit of the part time staff in the club shop when they aren’t trying to sell the remaining XXXL training gear which is the only stock that they have had since October.
  13. 🤢🤮🤢🤮 what a horrible article. Horrible that it was even printed. boo hoo Tone, pass the tissues. doing what you’ve always done is clearly the problem so please don’t continue to do so. It just doesn’t work. We need someone else to do exactly what you don’t do. i used to love football like you claim to. Sadly that real love is long gone following The last ten years, and is hanging on by the smallest of threads. What happens next is the defining moment for me if there is any chance of that being rekindled. I don’t necessarily blame you, it’s just that you’ve run your course. How strange it is to feel literally nothing when an inevitable goal in conceded; to feel only slightly more when we actually score. My son is 1 and I’ve got about 5 years before he will get football for this team to once again be one that we can be proud of. If this stagnation and boredom continues, why would I try to get him to follow the rovers? In its current guise, it would put him off the game for life. It simply is numbingly not enjoyable. the time for change is now, was 5 games ago, was 2 years ago. Someone for the love of god take some responsibility and make it happen.
  14. Clearly we can’t beat ‘anyone’ or we wouldn’t be 15th. we are nowhere near playing like Brentford or Swansea. journey to mundane insignificance continues. got news for you Tone...you’ve been a burden for too long. Long past time to go.
  15. Akin to this. Better to laugh than cry I guess https://youtu.be/Pyh1Va_mYWI
  16. The slow build, journey excuse is also clearly a load of BS. Does he actually believe it? 1) there is no football identity. It’s dire and pointless. I see some other highlights and get envious at seeing teams shooting or crossing from wide areas. Oh the simple things. 2) lots of players out of contract and multiple loans to go back. That’s not slow build, that’s plugging holes and another needed imminent overhaul in the summer.
  17. Doesn’t ease any concerns here. That is just a reactionary positive spin as the cloaks and daggers application had been discovered. crux is this anyway: actions speak louder than words. the last 10 years have provided enough evidence to show that the powers that be fail miserably on this count, regardless of how they try to spin it.
  18. Do you have to follow someone to be blocked? I dont follow him and have managed to tweet him at least 3 times
  19. We can only hope. Alas, it’s Groundhog Day, no pressure as always. Carry on in cuckoo land tony
  20. What does he spend the week saying to them? Literally no plan, no identity. Sits in the stands all game - must all be going to plan? 🤷 the pitch is shocking, but it’s shocking for both teams. We are just shockingly bad. Why is it just us that sees it?
  21. Technically we have one, but the so called manager sees him as a right back 🤷
  22. A bad, bad team. And an even worse manager. journey to nowhere but purgatory Even with a possible lifeline
  23. Bennett is born and bred Telford, and has a new pad outside of it on the Shrewsbury side - we share the same plumber. No need for him to wait until the summer as he isn’t needed at Rovers. limited player, of which we can do better, but great bloke by the looks of it and will be a miss about the place in terms of character
  24. Any enjoyment has been sucked out of watching Mowbray’s Rovers over the last two years. Never been less excited about a cup game. meh. We go again. The nightmare continues
  25. Can anyone use these for £3 postage? As good a place as any
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