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  1. The most ironic thing is that our owners who seem to sack happy aren't sacking the one person who needs the boot the most.
  2. I really hope Jensen quitting is true. If he was fired by Venky's it indicates Kean will be in for a while longer, since Venky's will have identified Jensen as the prime culprit so will continue with Kean and a new assistant for a while yet.
  3. There's a couple of interesting stories about a couple of actors online. At first glance, they seem mundane...but that's what's interesting about them. Don't think I can say much more... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1384757/Your-Secret-Life-So-mention-wife-Hugh---fact-drives-Volvo.html?ito=feeds-newsxml http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/twitter/8502585/David-Schneiders-fans-clamour-for-his-return-to-Twitter.html
  4. That's total and utter rubbish on two counts. Firstly I think looking at the way the teams were set up he was playing centre mid, or at most attacking midfield in a diamond style formation. But if what you say is true, then that's, if anything, even more mind boggling. Why on earth would someone switch to 4-3-3 from 4-4-2 in the final 20 minutes of a game against City who have two strong centre midfielders?! Why weaken our midfield when they'd be doing their utmost to break us down in the final 20 minutes? It DID cost us the match, yes you can't say anything 100% but if we had someone with experience of playing in centre midfield there, they would've found some way of distributing that ball out of the danger zone which Rocinha failed to do. And secondly, both Olsson and Emerton have a lot of experience of playing in the positions they were in last night. Olsson is arguably a better LW than LB, and Emerton is a utility player who has played right wing quite a lot during his career.
  5. Exactly. In some ways he was at fault for the goal, but then he shouldnt have been put into that situation in the first place. As a general point though (and something which could have averted the goal), he really does need to learn not to try and beat every single man he sees. It's nice to have that problem with a player in our side, and it should generally be encouraged, but a few words in his ear about looking to lay it off at some point would do him the world of good.
  6. Yeah I was impressed by Rocinha. When we got relegated we only came up because we had bright young talents (Dunn, Duff and Jansen) who had both the talent and the hunger to get us out of that division. Without that I think we'll struggle to come up should the worst happen. But if we can hang onto the likes of Rocinha, Hoilett and Jones then maybe we could have that again. Hoilett in particular reminds me a lot of the way Duff emerged during our relegation season.
  7. Oh no, I was saying that Benni has had a much better career. But Benni vs Roque now would be like choosing between a poke in the eye vs a kick in the balls. I'd still probably go with Roque though, but I've never been a fan of his return.
  8. As much as Roque has a better attitude than Benni, the careers of Benni and Roque don't even compare.
  9. There was differing opinions, hence the inquest. And you're not going to think about jail someone until you properly establish the circumstances behind his death are you - which was the whole point of the inquest.
  10. You're saying that in hindsight. The tone was very different on here before the inquest. A lot of people were thinking it was thrown at him as an attack for example.
  11. If someone dies under questionable circumstances then investigations are completely necessary. If there was criminal activity that led to someones death, or if future deaths can be prevented then of course we need to find out exactly what happened.
  12. We'd need room for Hendry so we couldnt have Samba and Nelsen. Samba and Hendry at the back would be amazing though. The ultimate clash of footballing cultures.
  13. http://www.nme.com/news/kings-of-leon/52898 There are no words. Just horrific.
  14. One of the chaps behind that is an old family friend of mine, both of them are doctors who trained at Imperial College and have a selection of very very tasteless non medical and medical related songs. Another less known one:
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