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  1. I like Ainsworth but don’t think he’s the answer, yes he’s Rovers through and through just don’t think he’s the one, of the up and coming managers the lad at Blackpool seems to be doing a good job, talks sense and like how he sets up.
  2. Wilder for me all day long, but can’t see us getting him, bit of a lottery with getting a new manager, how many on here would have had Hughton, Pearson, McCarthy all of them not worked out.
  3. Looks as though McCarthy could be next for the chop, another supposedly top championship manager who it’s not working out.
  4. Very disappointing result, decent second half but not good enough first, I rarely criticise players unless they aren’t trying their best, not their fault if the manager picks them. Magloire not a r/b and shouldn’t have started, hoping Gallagher would do a Brereton and improve, but unfortunately he hasn’t, should be on bench, more worrying is I heard from a second source last night from the club, that Gallagher is our highest paid player 20 k a week inc his signing on fee,that’s probably why he is playing every week. Also can’t think why Butterworth is not getting more minutes especially after TM bigged him up recently. One positive is anyone can beat anyone in this league and with a few players coming back I’m hoping for a few wins in the next few weeks, when we do get beat it’s the odd goal, not been hammered like some clubs.
  5. Callum Davidson, IMO top manager, just signed a contract extension but he’ll have some clause in it.
  6. Funny game this football lark, many Rovers fans were saying why can’t we be forward thinking management and go for decent managers like Hughton, Pearson, who on paper are decent championship managers, yet it’s strange why it’s not worked out for them, Bristol not won at home since January and Forrest having a right mare. Sometimes it’s a lottery getting a new manager and that’s why Rovers will have to be on their mettle if TM does go at the end of his contract, the saying, better the devil you know is sometimes true, but I also agree you can be in a job too long. Plenty folk used to say Derby had great owners, compared to us,look what’s happening to them at the moment, so it’s not all doom and gloom at Ewood but obviously it could be a lot better, keep the faith COYB.
  7. My mate who spoke to Waggot in the premier suite on Saturday and said we were signing one on Monday, also asked him about existing contracts, he said he was very close to Lenihan signing, fairly well down the line with Brereton and said,regarding Nyambe and Rothwell it’s the agent(s) who are trying to move them on. Have to wait on them. Could be talking bollocks or speaking the truth,who knows,time will tell mate ,said he sounded as though he meant it.
  8. Regarding contract extensions , Lenihan close, Brereton being worked on, nothing on Nyambe and Rothwell.
  9. Believe a no 10 signed this morning on loan, family at match, name unknown. Left back to follow next week.
  10. Still not answered the question of how much do we pay for the new contracts, in fact your saying we’ve paid silly money on contracts before but on the other hand saying pay them what they want. No one can answer the question unless you know the wages being offered, pointless argument, the agents know some other clubs will offer more, especially just come down from premier, but clubs like us have to have a cap, unless someone is exceptional, Armstrong, Dack etc, your Nyambe, Rothwell decent players but how much do you offer them, tough decisions.
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