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  1. You’re right there, no one has any evidence of anything but you seem to think you do, why is it whatever Rovers do, you seem to twist it round to some conspiracy theory, think 90% of Rovers fans are pleased for Bennett and sensible from his point in his career to move to league 1 and closer to his home. Some things the club do get right like signing up a lot of our youngsters on longer contracts, plus slowly getting pen to paper on first team players. The Nyambe saga, who knows what’s going on, he might be wanting silly money that Rovers don’t think he’s worth it, it’s all about nego
  2. Just seen WBA tickets, seems a decent and fair package all round.
  3. 1. 1 Brad Lyons been all Rovers this half, Butterworth done 60 mins before subbed,looking good.
  4. H/t 1 down, fairly even, Liverpool had better chances. Thought Sam Burns our best player so far.
  5. Agree, but unable to pick his best 11 with injuries and Coved. Injuries go with the job but this Coved with numerous players isolating every week must be soul destroying.
  6. Don’t think Mowbray gets enough credit with the squad he has assembled, a massive IF,but just imagine if everyone was fit. Kaminsky Nyambe. Ayala. Lenihan. Douglas Holtby. Travis. Dack Brereton. Armstrong. Elliott Subs. Pears Williams JRC Johnson Trybull Rothwell Gallagher. Squad members,Wharton,Bell,Bennett,Evans,Davenport,Buckley,Downing, Chapman,Dolan. Regardless of liking or disliking TM, that is a very strong
  7. Like a few mentioned already, back four academy lads, it’s not just bringing them through to sell for big money, it’s also to save us millions on transfer fees.
  8. Horrendous injuries/illness let’s get through Saturday, international break and see where we are.
  9. Yeah he mentions our squad is good enough but not with 10 out, he wasn’t making excuses but it’s pretty obvious with a depleted squad as ours we aren’t going to be firing on all cylinders. It was the tv presenters who highlighted all the missing personnel and said we will be in contention when everyone back. Saying that, Gallagher was very poor, let’s hope Armstrong is back soon. JRC is a decent footballer but L/b he isn’t but when you’ve got both your left backs out it’s difficult. Let’s see who’s available after the international break and go from there.
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