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  1. Callum Davidson, IMO top manager, just signed a contract extension but he’ll have some clause in it.
  2. Funny game this football lark, many Rovers fans were saying why can’t we be forward thinking management and go for decent managers like Hughton, Pearson, who on paper are decent championship managers, yet it’s strange why it’s not worked out for them, Bristol not won at home since January and Forrest having a right mare. Sometimes it’s a lottery getting a new manager and that’s why Rovers will have to be on their mettle if TM does go at the end of his contract, the saying, better the devil you know is sometimes true, but I also agree you can be in a job too long. Plenty folk used to say Derby had great owners, compared to us,look what’s happening to them at the moment, so it’s not all doom and gloom at Ewood but obviously it could be a lot better, keep the faith COYB.
  3. My mate who spoke to Waggot in the premier suite on Saturday and said we were signing one on Monday, also asked him about existing contracts, he said he was very close to Lenihan signing, fairly well down the line with Brereton and said,regarding Nyambe and Rothwell it’s the agent(s) who are trying to move them on. Have to wait on them. Could be talking bollocks or speaking the truth,who knows,time will tell mate ,said he sounded as though he meant it.
  4. Regarding contract extensions , Lenihan close, Brereton being worked on, nothing on Nyambe and Rothwell.
  5. Believe a no 10 signed this morning on loan, family at match, name unknown. Left back to follow next week.
  6. Still not answered the question of how much do we pay for the new contracts, in fact your saying we’ve paid silly money on contracts before but on the other hand saying pay them what they want. No one can answer the question unless you know the wages being offered, pointless argument, the agents know some other clubs will offer more, especially just come down from premier, but clubs like us have to have a cap, unless someone is exceptional, Armstrong, Dack etc, your Nyambe, Rothwell decent players but how much do you offer them, tough decisions.
  7. What the hell has it got to with Mowbray, he doesn’t set the wages, and why come up with Nyambe on the assumption he’s on £5000 and he wants double and we should just pay it. You,me and everyone on here haven’t a clue what he’s after,he might want £15000 a week,do we just pay want he and his agent want,same with Rothwell. We have been down that road before paying silly wages,and that’s why we are where we are now,would love all the senior players to sign but we can’t just give in to what they want,has to be negotiated. Would love to know how much every player was on,and then and only then we could argue if they deserve big rises.
  8. How the hell has TM coached it out of him, Travis was probably our best player but since he came back from injury he’s been a shadow of himself, down to the player to sort it out.
  9. “Selling anyone they can” Can you tell me how many we have sold in the last few years?
  10. Because we have to move on, the lad wants to move, we get the best we can for him and move on and hopefully get 2/3 in, regardless permanently or loans, pointless keep criticising everything they do, we are where we are. Would love to splash the lot on replacements but it ain’t going to happen as we all know, just have to get behind the players we end up with and a decent bit of luck with injuries we might have a decent season.
  11. Yep agree there, sensible post, we are where we are, and would be in big trouble without their money. Majority on here obviously won’t agree, but it looks like we are going have to use the academy to bring through players, with Venkys throwing in the odd 5/6 million twice a year for day to day running costs. And for those fans saying they would rather go out the league and start again as Blackburn AFC if it meant Venkys going is in my view pathetic. Lets hope we get 4/5 decent loans/frees and see what happens this season.
  12. Only seen Leeds tv at £4.99, where have you seen Rovers streaming on Rovers TV?
  13. Who’s the groundsman that’s left?
  14. Why, did we win all our preseason games that season, I know we are short of bodies and if we don’t pull in 3/4 we will struggle. But it’s pointless making assumptions from preseason games, no one plays with the intensity that comes with league games, no one wants to get injured,let’s hope we can sign some decent players in the next couple of weeks.
  15. You keep safe my friend, you sound like a very responsible person.
  16. Sorry pal won’t mention it again, just a bit personal this covid business, but you’re right usually not serious unless you’re unlucky. Just think regardless of what we think of Mowbray or anybody else at the club we shouldn’t be making comments re Covid when we don’t know any facts.
  17. Inappropriate comment, let’s hope it’s just a precaution and none of his family are ill with coved.
  18. Throw Paul Ince in as well and they are probably four of our worst managers, knew within weeks they were useless, got rid of two pretty quick, other two outstayed their welcome, like I’ve said support I the club not the manager and was always hopeful of things turning round, always been a rollercoaster watching Rovers, just have to go with the good and the bad.
  19. Haha it’s been blind faith many years with Rovers, but had some cracking years as well.
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