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  1. RIP Kelvin. Condolences with your family at this difficult period.
  2. I love Red Dwarf, but Back to Earth was pretty poor. Hopefully it will reach expectations.
  3. We're going Clog later on today and fancy something different. I believe both menus are the same. Cheers, Gordon. Will have a look later on their website!
  4. Wouldn't really matter about location - we'd even go up towards Barnoldswick. Probably about £20 per head I guess. Not too sure what food - I've drove up regularly with work and noticed loads of places to eat. Did fancy the Chinese but shan't bother now.
  5. There's quiet a few restaurants on the A59 between BAE Systems and Clitheroe - can anyone recommend a good one for us to go to on Wednesday for my birthday. Cheers
  6. Can't beat Sukhi's! We went on Saturday after dropping our mates at home. We got take out though as we live near near. The naan bread with cheese and chilli are brilliant. As is the Lamb/Chicken Rogan Josh and we usually get samosas and chicken pakora.
  7. Wish we'd got more than two if they're going for more than £4 on eBay.
  8. I've been several times for family meet ups, the food is expensive for what it is and you can easily go somewhere else for the same price and better standard of food.
  9. June. There was no recordings there though.
  10. This is where me and the wife got married. We loved getting married there and couldn't recommend it enough to anyone. The hotpot in the evening was really good. Cannot remember too much about the buffet though in all fairness. The beef and onion butties made me laugh though as it was the smallest piece of onion I've ever seen on a sarnie.
  11. Boardwalk Empire & Treme are both very good.
  12. Me & the wife went this weekend for the first time and we really enjoyed it.
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