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  1. Totally agree about Hilton. The lad looks the best of the young goalkeepers we have and he's built similar to Friedel.
  2. I'm sure his agent would advise otherwise. Every player has a 'moment' and this seems to be Brereton's. Like Armstrong he needs to make the most of it if he has ambitions of playing at a higher level. He's not going to get Premier League football with Rovers that's for sure. Having said that, even if he signs a contract the Rovers will be quick to sell in the summer if the right bid comes along. Sadly, we are no longer a club that can retain players with ambition as our club has lacked any sort of ambition for some time now.
  3. He hasn't looked good in the last two under-23 games. Personally would prefer Carter at right-back and Magloire in the centre of defence.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyable game at York's new ground tonight. First half was a very even affair but Leeds got on top after the break. Then, for some strange reason, they lost their way and allowed Rovers back in the game. The referee and his fellow officials completely lost the plot near the end which resulted in numerous bookings and a red card. The ref failed to notice that he'd booked Miller twice and the fourth official had to come onto the field to tell the ref that he needed to show a red. Quite how Cirino and Leo Hjede managed to avoid getting sent off - they weren't even booked - after their scuffle I'll never know. Instead the ref started waving the yellow card at several players players and as things went from bad to worse the Rovers grabbed an equaliser. It really was excellent entertainment with both sides playing some really attractive football at times. Sam Burns and Joe Ferguson did really well for Rovers and Ferguson looks a very promising right-back. Sadly McBride had another poor game and Jake Garrett struggled in midfield. Bradley Johnson did well in the first half but then gave Leeds a helping hand to take the lead. The Under-23's really do need to sort out the defensive side of the game because they are averaging three goals a game being conceded at the moment. York's new ground is very impressive for a club playing at the level they are. Sadly, I suspect I'll have had more entertainment tonight than I will at Ewood tomorrow.
  5. Hardly news. It's always been the case that the next season's kit is sorted twelve months in advance.
  6. Ged Brennan and Andy Gray coach the Stanley under-23's. I thought I saw Jimmy Bell on the touchline as well. Clarkson played in midfield and looked like a little boy lost against a physical Stanley side. Phillips too, for the second game in succession, came crashing down to earth in terms of how he played. McBride and Brennan were very poor and look a long, long way off being ready for the first team. I think many are overestimating where some of our younger players are at the moment.
  7. Well our present owners certainly don't appear to be Rovers fans. Over a decade of total mismanagement from them and no sign of them improving things at Ewood.
  8. Unfortunately, we don't have a proper and organised transfer plan for any window. We have panic and short term thinking which is why we have so many loans each season. Mowbray himself said you can't build a club on loans and yet that is exactly what we have spent the last two years doing. The reckless spending brought in Gallagher and Brereton - two players who will not give a return on our investment. Relying on the Academy is OK up to a point but how many teams have been built on purely Academy players - United is about the only one I can think of in recent years. You say we have wonderful prospects in our Academy and Under-23's but that is all they are - prospects. I remember when people were talking in glowing terms of players like John Fitzgerald - who cost serious money when we brought him into our Academy - Jerome Watt, Andy Taylor Ciaran Donnelly, Steve Foster etc. The list is endless of prospects who, for one reason or another, don't progress. It's only eighteen months ago that people were saying that Lewis Thompson would be our left-back for years to come but he was released in the summer. The Championship, in particular, is a League that requires some experience and know-how. Saturday was a prime example of how thin we are in terms of players who know how to manage and win a game.
  9. A good point in the end. I thought we looked better after we brought our three subs on. I suspect Championship football is going to come as a shock to Poveda and Clarkson who looked completely lost at times. We desperately need seasoned pros who can put themselves about or we are going to get bullied in this League on a regular basis. I thought we looked better with Buckley and Dolan who at least put themselves about. Gallagher looked better in the middle, worked hard and scored a cracking goal. Brereton was awful and for a so called international footballer his first touch is shocking. I thought Ayala was excellent again in the centre of defence and we desperately need to keep him fit. Eight points from the games we've had is a decent return considering the squad we have.
  10. Do you really believe the club is in better shape now than before these owners arrived? Cost cutting is going on throughout the club. If the owners actually showed an interest in running the club and not simply settle for writing cheques every few months we might get somewhere. At the moment we are run like a League One club rather than a club looking to return to the top flight. Fitting I suppose as the only way we will get out of the Championship with these owners is by dropping into League One.
  11. To be honest Rev, I've been far from impressed by Pickering as a defender.
  12. Must admit that I was pleased last night that I went back on my decision not to do away games this season. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip last night - apart from the journey back and the usual motorway problems that seem to accompany mid-week games. I thought Ayala was outstanding in the centre of defence and totally agree with arbitro that Carter should be retained this season and be part of our squad. Playing at right-back he handled most things thrown at him. Must admit that I'm far from convinced about our left-back who seems somewhat one-paced and rather too easily beaten. It was a good team performance with Travis being an absolute workhorse in midfield. With Buckley and Rothwell not having a tackle between them it's left to Travis to do the donkey work and he covered every blade of grass last night putting in the sort of tackles needed in midfield. Last night showed results are everything. Forest fans clearly unhappy with Hughton - even singing 'you don't know what you're doing' at one point when he made a substitution. Rovers fans cheerfully chanting for 'Mowbray's blue and white army' and the usual 'Mowbray is our king' nonsense. Some things don't change - Gavin Ward is still an exceptionally poor excuse for a referee. Some of his decision making is beyond baffling.
  13. The only information we got that was the the required medical support (paramedic ?) was not on site. There was a delay to kicking off as they waited for one to arrive but the game started and was only called off at half-time.
  14. I suppose you weren't at all bothered when we beat Spurs and won this Cup under Souness. Last night wasn't the most embarrassing defeat that I've seen in this competition - that would still be getting thrashed at Ewood by Ken Furphy's Workington. Nonetheless, if we can't beat Morecambe at this stage and the awful performances of so called key players like Brereton and Pickering etc. causes me huge concern. The fact our manager was completely out thought by a guy who has only been in charge of Morecambe for a matter of weeks is another concern. At the end of the day any club should be looking to make progress in cup competitions if only from a financial point of view. To be just 'concentrating on the League' in the second week of August is so dispiriting. Where is the ambition? Where is the dare to dream attitude? Sadly, a decade of Venky's tenure seems to have destroyed all of that and now it's all about survival - not just as a Championship club but as an actual football club.
  15. Morecambe deserved their victory tonight. Their manager brought on two subs at half-time, switched his formation, and caused us no end of problems. Mowbray again tried three at the back and once again it failed - just like every other time he's tried it. This was like so many of last seasons games - slow build-up, passing sideways, backwards and then a long punt upfield to nobody in particular. We started brightly but quickly ran out of steam - which is a worry in itself. We carried little or no threat going forward with the Chilean version of Brereton being replaced by the usual Bambi version who struggled to keep on his feet and continually gave the ball away. Without Armstrong's goals I really do fear for us this season. It's certainly going to be a long hard winter watching this lot. Far from convinced. From the games I've seen thus far - admittedly only pre-season and the two games this week, he looks a slightly slower version of Bell. I thought he was awful tonight and caught out of position far too often. Going forward he seems to offer very little and his crossing seems just as erratic as Bell.
  16. I remember that game Tyrone. At that time First and Second division clubs fielded their second string and Third and Fourth Division clubs fielded their first team. On the back of a defeat, Quigley selected the First team - partly to build up a bit of confidence - and they crashed to a defeat. Got to say that was a far superior side than the one we have at present. What would I give for that midfield - plus a proper left-back who could tackle and defend!
  17. My memory of Barton was that even when having a good game, he was always likely to make the most horrendous and costly error. He went from an ever-present in 66-67, when we finished fourth and enjoyed a decent season, to becoming the regular back-up to Adam Blacklaw, the old Burnley favourite, the following season. Not the tallest, to say the least, and somewhat portly in build he nonetheless carved out a career that lasted over a decade with Preston North End and ourselves but was mostly spent playing in the Central League. Happy memories of a time when supporting Rovers seemed so much more enjoyable than today.
  18. He attends every game - home and away - as one would expect him to do. Usually at Leyland for all Under-23 games.
  19. Some clubs didn't produce one last season in the Championship and I believe that there are a number not producing them this season.
  20. Personally, I'd rather go with Magloire or Carter in a back-four, alongside Lenihan, and forget about Ayala. Yesterday they both looked uncomfortable in Mowbray's attempts at a back five. Ever since he came Mowbray has tried the three centre-back option and can't get it to work with the players we have - or perhaps it's a case of the players not understanding what he wants. Whatever the reason, Mowbray's overcomplicated systems tend to highlight the weaknesses in a player rather than try to play to their strengths.
  21. 1. Will leave in the summer of 2022 if Mowbray goes 2. Yes. Will be here until his contract runs out. 3. Kaminski - he'll be the one with most to do during the season. 4. 4th from bottom would be great but I fear it will be below that unless some serious signings are made. 5. One of the three who were relegated last season.
  22. I thought we were awful today. The back five just didn't work with Carter and Magloire looking lost at times. Magloire seemed to be asked to step into midfield for some reason and then got caught out. The wing back system didn't work at all with both full-backs having their hands full against a lively Bolton attack. Early days but Pickering strikes me as one who enjoys going forward but isn't so hot when it comes to defending and got a bit of a chasing at times today. Hopefully, it's just teething problems as he gets to know the players around him. I know Travis has been ill and lost weight but he looked anything but fit and Davenport really struggled. Again, the system didn't work as we were overwhelmed and outgunned in midfield. A week away from the start of the League season and we looked a disorganised mess for much of this game. I can't remember ever going into a new season with such a feeling of dread with regard to the outcome. I was impressed with Bolton and former Rover Alex Baptiste seems just the sort of defender we need - experienced, calm under pressure and one who won every ball he went for. Pity our manager doesn't do proper defenders.
  23. To be honest I would prefer to see Magloire and Carter being given opportunities this season instead of Ayala.
  24. I watched that 64-65 team and yes it was a cracking side - one of the best I've seen at Ewood. But Pickering wanted away due to the wage situation at Ewood. Local businessmen who had limited finances were suddenly thrust into a situation were it was impossible to compete with the big city clubs in terms of wages. The likes of Bill Bancroft and Bill Fox did a great job - often under appreciated at the time I admit - to keep us competitive on little or no money. John Williams and Tom Finn ran the club superbly on limited finances compared with other Premier League clubs. The owners made mistakes when they first got involved with the club and whilst one could understand initial mistakes the fact that ten years later the club continues its downward spiral suggests that they still haven't a clue how to run a football club. Throwing £20 million a year at it and not coming close to getting anywhere near the play-offs, let alone promotion, is not a sign of good ownership it's a sign of complete incompetence. After 60 years of supporting this club I feel totally despondent about the future of this club. I've renewed my season ticket more out of habit than anything else. For the first time in more years than I care to remember I will not spend money renewing my away travel season ticket - partly due to Covid and partly due to the mind-numbing football that we play. Our squad this season is weaker than last and frankly if we finish fourth from bottom I will view that as an excellent outcome. As many on here will tell you, I've been one that has been prepared to give the owners time to get it right but, sadly, I've come to the conclusion that they will never get it right because they just aren't interested in the club.
  25. At the end of the day all roads lead back to Venkys just have they have for the past decade. Every decision they have made has taken us further and further away from where we want and need to be. If the owners were unhappy with Mowbray they would get rid of him. Clearly, as he is still here they are content for him to continue.
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